Joint Venture Training on CDs


Joint Venture Training on CDs

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How Mastering the Ultimate Form of Leverage…

“Joint Ventures and Host/Beneficiary Relationships” will Change
Your Business Life Forever…(only if you execute what you will learn).

Is your business struggling?  Do you need more clients, more sales in
your business?  If you’re not using the most powerful form of leverage
to grow your business, this will be the most important message you
read this year.

Let me get straight to the point.  With 95% of businesses failing
within 5 years, you CANNOT afford to have an ineffective marketing

The problem is that I see way too many businesses investing
tremendous amounts of money in the most expensive form
of advertising: traditional advertising and marketing.

Now, Here’s the Good News.

The good news is that I just completed three business life-changing
days  in Las Vegas for the 2012 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp with
my team of trainers and coaches.

We taught the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive
profits in your business.

And Now the Complete Training is Available until February 29th at
4 pm PST. Why? It is only going to be availble after Wednesday as part of an
entire Joint Venture System for a much bigger investment

Order now at (and check out the huge bonus):
Remember the Results are Guaranteed!

This Special Offer will NOT be repeated and Expires February 29th at 4 pm PT

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Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau, CEO
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.

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Here’s the link Order to the 18 CD Joint Venture Training System

What Did Other Entrepreneurs Say About the Ultimate Joint
Venture Boot Camp Training:

Hi.  This is Pete. wrapping up at The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp. Had a fantastic time.  If you aren’t familiar with Joint Ventures, it is THE tool you need to be using to grow your business in a recessionary economy, in a great economy, an up economy or a sideways economy.  Because if you’re not doing it, I guarantee your competitors are.  So, this is going to be an event next time you definitely want to catch.  It is on Joint Ventures, strategic alliances, partnership marketing.  Be here or you’re going to regret it.

Pete Kalpas- Humming Marketing

Hi My name is Carmen Cook, I live in Deltona Florida. I am here at the Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp. I wanted to learn how to do and start a business correctly. Here I have found all my answers to my questions. It has been amazing. I have been given directly on what to prioritize in my life and my business ventures so that everything goes smooth so I can reach my goals in a timely manner. That has been the biggest take away for me on how to stay prioritized and focused with what I want to accomplish. I recommend to anyone who is looking to start joint ventures with other people and to get your business going correctly. This is the place to come too. It is only once a year. It is worth it! Come to the next joint venture boot camp with Scott Letourneau and he will treat you really good and you will learn a ton!”

Carmen Cook

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