5 Tips to Creating More Revenue from Existing Clients


4. Communicate often to your list to maintain the relationship.

You may want to do this in a variety of ways including:

A. E-mail: You can e-mail bonuses to your clients to help them succeed. You may want to set up a bonus URL, example, www.nvinc.com/faststart with some bonus MP3s and transcripts to help your clients succeed. There does not always have to be an offer attached. You can invite your list to a free teleseminar or webinar only for clients.

B. Direct mail: As your clients may get bombarded with emails, sending an offline bonus will add a lot of value to your clients. Send them an updated report or outline to help them succeed in their business or life. You don’t always have to make an offer along with the bonus. Although, when you do make an offer, make sure you include bonuses, a deadline, proof, testimonials, and reasons why this is a must, and make the offer irresistible and add a better than money-back guarantee.

That means that you offer a 100% money-back guarantee and bonuses someone can keep, even if they want their money back. Don’t be fearful of refunds. All top marketers have refunds; they actually test the level of them. You may want to start an offline newsletter. Start a quarterly newsletter to ALL your clients free of charge. Keep in front of them. This is something that NCP is planning to implement this year. This is different than the newsletter as part of a monthly membership program. The newsletter can be 4 pages and very simple. Involve some tips and ideas to help your clients. Every other quarter you make a special offer.
C. Phone: Clients love to hear a follow-up call by you or your staff. Do a follow-up call, not always just to offer something. We just added another call-in to our sequence to follow up every 6 months to find out if we can provide any resources to help grow their business. At NCP we have hundreds of clients, and the purpose of the call is truly: how can we help? I would recommend that you follow up with phone calls within 24 hours. I know I have dropped the ball on that in the past. At least send your client an e-mail that you will be calling them the next day. Train your staff to return phone calls on time. Also, do a follow-up call after your client has purchased your product or service. Do not always wait for them to call. Find out if they need help or have any questions. There are so many industries that never do this that this little piece may be huge for you.

Scott is the prominent entrepreneur and CEO who founded Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. in 1997.  He also founded the complementary Fast Business Credit, Inc. in 2003, again with great success.

In addition, Scott is a busy lecturer, consultant and author, who is recognized worldwide for helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a fast start in the United States.

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