5 Tips to Creating More Revenue from Existing Clients – Endorse other people’s products to your list.


2. Endorse other people’s products to your list.

This is where joint ventures come into play, specifically the host/ beneficiary relationship. There are two approaches, and the one that will come into play with endorsing other people’s products to your list is where your company is the host.

A host /beneficiary relationship is where Company A (the host) agrees to let Company B (the beneficiary) deliver a sales message to people who are Company A’s customers or clients.
If you are the beneficiary, you are providing valuable content to the host’s clients in exchange for FREE exposure to their entire list! Many times a host may have a membership site or continuity program and are looking for guests to interview either through a teleseminar or webinar. Many times it is your ability on how you position your product or service to add massive value to the host’s clients. On the other hand, in growing your own business as the host, you may be looking for other great information, tools, resources that really can help your own clients be more successful. Why wait for your clients to find the right resources to grow their business or find the consumer resources they need. It may be your responsibility to search out the best resources for your clients or customers and become the host of numerous bonuses, teleseminars, webinars and other ways to bring in beneficiaries to help your clients or customers become more successful. In fact, the revenue share you may experience by being the host may offset your entire marketing budget…when done properly!

Here are a few key tips before you endorse someone else’s product to your list:

1. Buy the product or service yourself first. Test it out and see if it lives up to the expectation of what is being promised in the sales copy.

2. Check out the reputation of the person doing the endorsing. Keep in mind that if anyone has been around for 5-10 years, do not be surprised if you find one or two negative statements on the internet. That is going to happen. But if they are plastered all over the internet with complaints and problems, that is probably not someone you want to recommended to your list. Do your checking first.

3. Be clear on how much the commission is (e.g., is it paid off the gross sales price?) and when it is paid…

4. What is the refund policy of the product? Many times, if YOUR CLIENT cannot get a refund from the person you endorsed, they may look to you for the refund.

5. How is the product being delivered, when will it be delivered…

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