5 Tips to Creating More Revenue from Existing Clients-Run special events


3. Run special events

You should run special events for your clients. This could mean a special free webinar or teleseminar, and at the end the offer could be a 4-6 week webinar or teleseminar series in which you are getting paid to create the product. At the end, you will put the MP3/video on a password protected website, along with the transcripts. I would recommend a WordPress blog and work with WishList Member (http://member.wishlistproducts.com/) to develop the membership part. It does not even have to be a monthly program. Create a two-day (or one-day) training event for your clients, record it, and create a product for your clients.
This can be a great and fast way to create a back-end product. You can get paid for someone to attend your event. Plus, typically an event is broken into 90-minute segments. If it is one day, you may be doing 4 segments in one day and each one may be a separate theme which you can turn into its own product. I know that Armand Morin, a top internet marketer does this with his Armand Live event. He will take a couple of the segments and launch them as a separate product later on. He will include the video, transcripts of the 90 minutes of training and sell it for $197 to his list. An event is a lot of work, but once you get through the first one it will only get easier. When you go to events, start to pay attention to the marketing process to get you to the event, what happens after you register, what happens at the event, from registration to the materials handed out, to the actual event, the offers at the event and the followup after it. This is a model that can help you eliminate many steps.
If you have a guest speaker, you will get into speaker agreements, cross promotion, etc. NCP had its first Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp in January of 2010, and we invested 100-200 hours on it— and it was a big success. Now, we are ready for the event in 2011, and we will only need to spend about one-half that time on it. I know that may seem like a lot, and it is, but in the big picture, having a timeless product that can add value to your clients is huge!

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