5 Tips to Creating More Revenue from Existing Clients-Segment Your List


5. Segment Your List and Offers to Your Clients.

It becomes harder when you make the same offer to everyone on your list with the SAME COPY. It makes much more sense to segment your list into different groups so whether you email, call, or send direct mail to them, your response will be higher because you are relating to them in a better way. If your clients are not in a database that can be filtered into different groups, that may be the first step for you. At NCP we have used Goldmine for years. It is a CRM system. Infusionsoft is another popular CRM system. You will want to segment your list perhaps in the following ways:

♦ Clients services
♦ Length of being a client
♦ Geographic location
♦ Type of business
♦ Size of the business
♦ Lost clients
♦ New clients

Now you can craft an e-mail, letter or phone call to target their specific situation and the odds of getting results are much greater. Your e-mail or letter may be 80% the same for all your clients and you may only have to change 20% of the copy to better match your clients.

The key is: BETTER MATCHED COPY. You are more likely to trigger a response or order.

Bonus Tip: Increase the Average Transaction Value: 1. Using Point-of-Sale Promotions. This is where you have special offers at the point of sale your client will qualify for. There always should be 1-3 special offers where your clients will receive a discount for adding it to the “package” up front vs. if they buy it separately. The language you may use is… “Since you are purchasing ____________ (Product A) today, you qualify for 15% off on ________(Product B—make sure product B is a complement, will enhance or enable product A. In other words, it would “go with product A” and add more value, not just be an unrelated product. It is your job to explain why having Product B will add so much value along with Product A). Normally, Product B is $_______, and today when you add it to your order with Product A it is only which means you save $____________.

A. You may want to test how you present your package solution. Do you present the big package first with the 3-4
options and then work backwards in price—or do you start with the foundation and add up? Adding up works well in the infomercial world with the call-in for the $19.95 product and with all the upsells, you may end up spending $100.00. B. It will add proof if you are offering a product or service and separately your client can see the retail price on a website. You can say, “You can buy it later online for $1997.00 but if you add it today with your order, we can save you $1,000 and add it for only $997.00.” This adds credibility. Remember, the Key to Implementation is to Take Immediate Action in the Moment. When you are in state, take the first step now! Once you take the first step, you are more likely to take the next step. Put off implementing right now, odds are you will likely not take any action. Take a few minutes now and write down 2-3 ideas that now come to your mind and some steps you will need to implement and the time frame to add to your business (you don’t have to create all the steps, just take the first step and write the outline with a time frame you can commit to. You should also write down the resources you need to help you implement faster. Now your focus will be on them and you will notice as they show up.

You may also call in on the Top 5% call -in days and check with me on resources. We have outlines and resources on many, many topics to help grow your business.

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