7 Costly Sales Tax Mistakes To Avoid

After you opt in below you will learn about these 7 costly mistakes, SalesTaxSystem.com can help you determine how much you owe in past sales tax + penalties + interest and the best way to move forward to apply for sales tax permits knowing how much you need in cash for compliance.

Sales Tax System will cover all your options and key sales tax decisions you have to make as an Amazon FBA seller.

Even in late 2019, where we have 39 states with marketplace nexus and Amazon is collecting for sellers in 34, there are several states with sales tax compliance requirements. If you had nexus prior to these marketplace nexus states, that creates a liability which is important for you to manage.

At my company, Sales Tax System, we have simplified the process for FBA sellers to collect and remit sales tax. If you are just starting to sell through FBA now would be a perfect time to become a member of STS to make sure your business starts off sales tax compliant.

If you have been selling for more than 6 months, and have NOT collected or remitted sales tax we have some bad news.

The bad news is: you still owe sales tax, penalties, and interest that can total up to 10% of the gross sales made in states your business has sales tax nexus. 

If you did not collect sales tax from your client this cost must be paid out of your pocket. The good news is this is a very common problem and Sales Tax System has tools and resources to help you make the best decision on how to get back on track and have your clients pay moving forward.

Our most popular training is our Sales Tax Calculator which will help you determine how much you owe on past sales tax whether you have been selling for two years or two months. You will also learn your best options to move forward and the costly mistakes to avoid.

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