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The goal of our family was to be the best you could be and to live by the golden rule.

I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, the youngest of six kids, with two older sisters and three older brothers. We were a competitive family involved in sports, with lots of relatives for family gatherings.

During the 1970s, My Mother, a sports lover, had us listen to an audio cassette tape by Bob Johnson, an Olympic Gold Medalist in pole vaulting during the 1950s.

One impactful training I listened to was “Motivation for Living.”

That speech by Bob Richards was about being the best at whatever you do, and never giving up!

The values I learned from my parents, my family, and that speech still impacts me today.

Later on, I was greatly influenced by Tony Robbins and have completed his Mastery University Training and his”firewall experience” five times.

Tony taught me how to “change my approach, state, and mindset,” and “NLP modeling,” which has been invaluable in my career to achieve high-level strategies for entrepreneurs.

There are so many shortcuts appearing to be easy steps, but, in the end, I find that most entrepreneurs are not willing to put in the work to be successful.

You’ll have roadblocks, technology issues, tax surprises, even lawsuits, and you can’t let them derail you from the track to your success.


I attended the University of Minnesota Duluth and graduated with a BBA in business finance in 1989. I created my first limited partnership in college with some friends, and we started trading stock options while working two jobs and going to college.

After college, I obtained my series 7 license and entered into the world of selling stocks back in 1991, and found that cold calling and attempting to persuade people to invest in low-priced growth stocks was not my calling at the time.

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I moved away from the cold Minnesota winters to Las Vegas and worked in the Nevada incorporating industry for four years. I was the type of person who had to know all the answers, research everything, and make sure what we were offering was accurate. At the time, most companies wanted to keep things simple, which helps in the sales process. After a while of doing my research,

I realized many of the company’s strategies I worked for were more on the “aggressive side,” with taxes and privacy.

Nothing wrong with saving taxes with the correct strategies. Most entrepreneurs overpay their taxes because they don’t pay for tax planning; they pay for tax returns. Privacy is like the icing on the cake, if needed, but not a primary strategy for asset protection.



I left that company to form my own in the Spring of 1997, Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. My goal was to help entrepreneurs correctly set up an LLC or corporation.

The big strategy that was promoted back in the day had to do with saving taxes by incorporating in Nevada when you live and work out of another state – a strategy that over 75 companies in Nevada were promoting back in the day.

I took a different approach. I knew I any CPA or accountant would give me the answers I wanted to hear, depending upon how I framed the question (like leading the witness).

I knew the best approach was to go to a large tax firm and find the experts on what is called “the multistate taxation rules,” which is a very complex set of rules to help determine when you have nexus (or a presence) in a state and would need to register to do business in that state.

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NCP’s website circa 2000


I hired Deloitte and Touche and paid them $400-$600 per hour in 1997-99 to research recent tax court cases in California, Arizona, and other states. California was the most popular state.

In the end, that day, I found that many of the strategies promoted in our industry were aggressive, at best. I hired an independent attorney to research court cases on piercing the corporate veil and choice of law and choice of forum cases.


I even spoke at a real estate convention in Ohio, in 2000, on the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency if you are in the legal chain of title of real estate.

At the time, our website was loaded with strategies that did NOT work but were promoted in our industry. The strategies covered many complex subjects, such as the controlled group rules and where you would lose privacy with a formation.

Because of all this research and real information being offered of what works and what doesn’t work, I developed a following and reputation. If you want the real story or updates on what works, consult with me.

I developed more strategies on the requirements to start a legal business, what entity is best, and what state (We have incorporated in all 50 states for years).

Don't Be Surprised with Conflicting Advice


I figured if I asked three CPAs about which entity is best to start a business, I would get the same answer, assuming the situation’s facts were the same. I was shocked to find out I was getting different opinions from CPAs on how to start.

Some CPAs would recommend starting as a sole proprietorship and filing a DBA linked to your name. Others would recommend an S corporation; a few would recommend an LLC.

It wasn’t until 1997 that the IRS came up with LLC default rules on how an LLC would be taxed. Before that, it was much more complicated regarding the operating agreement structure and corporate or partnership characteristics.

I started to interview attorneys and found the same pattern. They all had slightly different opinions. The pattern continued with bankers, business lenders, and other professionals.

It was clear no-one had ever invented the business start-up store with an agreed-upon set of criteria to take you through your situation to determine the best starting point for you. Not just in year one, but what was best for you in year two.

I found that the CPA’s advice to start as a sole proprietorship since you will not likely develop any profits in the first year. However, making sense from a tax point of view (not an audit viewpoint), it was absolutely the wrong approach for protecting your personal credit and putting you in a position to maximize business credit.

The Business Start-Up Store has Not Been Invented Yet


In 2006, I invested over $25K to develop the outline for a patent on this process and the technology to automate this process. In the end, the idea was not “patentable” yet.

The research led to my conclusions and unique process of asking the right questions in the right situation to give our clients the best overall results. It is like playing chess with someone and being able to think 3-4 moves ahead of your opponent.

Since the early 2000s, my company has easily invested over $250K with attorneys and CPAs on various subjects, from the multistate taxation rules to US tax treaties, controlled groups, asset protection, tax liens and deeds, real estate issues, various trusts, sales tax compliance, legal cases on piercing the entity veil, to sales tax court cases.

Conducted 150 Detailed Training Webinars

My approach has always been the same: find the best of the best on a specific subject, examples, sales tax nexus, US tax treaties, and pay them for their time to consult, then do a training webinar for our clients to help break down the process. Because of this approach, I have conducted over 150 webinars, many of them with special guests, and paid for hundreds of consulting time hours.

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US E-commerce Expansion Webinar
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Launch with Confidence Webinar


This lead to excellent relationships over the years and great joint venture partners, including Payoneer, Shopify, Sears, Avask Accounting, Catching Clouds, PayEngines, Taxify, Rapid Crush, and many individuals, including Spike Humer, Sandy Botkin, Nik Halik, Todd Falcone, and many, many more.

I wanted answers on the best way to do things for someone launching their business, but, most importantly, to be those three to four moves ahead to help the start-up business owner avoid costly mistakes.

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If you want to take shortcuts, and many do, some even succeed with that approach. Otherwise, I am your guy.

In the end, statistics show that up to 50% of entrepreneurs fail the first year, and 95% fail within 5 years; and of the 5% that make it five years, only 2% make it 10 years or more. Those odds are terrible.

What is worse,

I have found that most entrepreneurs don’t stop when they are out of money. They get loans from family and friends and go way past zero. This takes a significant toll on marriages and leads to a higher divorce rate, which is not good at all for the kids.

This turns into a mess that can be prevented when you start with a complete formation and have certainty about your pathway and how you will move forward in your business. Uncertainty and hoping things may work out rarely work.

Over the last 15 years, I have created business credit solutions, start-ups, and sales tax compliance to help companies develop profits to support them and their family first.


In 2015, I launched Sales Tax System to help Amazon FBA sellers simplify sales tax compliance. Like other complex subjects at the time, I reached out to the top sales and local tax experts (SALT) experts to clarify physical nexus rules for sales.

I worked with Richard Cram, the director of the Multistate Taxation Commission (, on different workgroups to provide expertise for the states and sellers, to provide uniformity moving forward. Sales tax has changed dramatically since the 2018 US Supreme Court Case, Wayfair vs. South Dakota.

For sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy, the marketplace facilitator is responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax in almost all the states.

Economic nexus has created more complexity for Shopify sellers and others selling on their websites.

Sales Tax System started as a step-by-step process to help Amazon sellers comply with sales tax and has evolved today to provide full services to expand to U.S. marketplaces.

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Book a strategy session with me !! Book A session

If you want to launch your business with confidence, set up your foundation correctly, or expand to the US with your e-commerce business, I am your guy

I am blessed to have an incredible team that makes our entire process streamlined.

Today, I focus most of my consulting, training, and services in the incredibly fast-growing e-commerce world. I focus on e-commerce sellers looking to expand to the US and current US sellers looking to get and stay in compliance with US taxes.

My clients want the peace of mind of knowing that while they’re working 10-15 hours per day to build a brand and assets to support their family, there are no holes in their plan or foundation that will destroy everything they worked for 4-5 years down the road.

I have lived in Las Vegas since 1993, and am married to my beautiful wife (since 1996), De Ann Letourneau, a classical violinist, and my three smart and beautiful daughters, Grace, Rose, and Faith.

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My family with celine dion

Timeline of my entrepreneurial journey and pathway to help clients launch with confidence

  • 1989
    Graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a business finance degree.
  • 1990
    Obtained my Series 7 license in 1990 and worked in the investment banking industry.
  • 1993
    Moved to Las Vegas to work for a company in the Incorporating industry.
  • 1997
    Launched Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. (NCP). My goal was to educate the marketplace on which state and entity were best.
  • 1998
    I started my work with Deloitte and Touche to review the multistate taxation rules to help our clients better understand what creates nexus in other states and when you would need to foreign qualify into a state.
  • 2003
    Launched Fast Business Credit to help entrepreneurs with the best funding options for business and improve their financial credibility.
  • 2008
    Launched the Top 5% Club to help entrepreneurs master two skills: how to generate the most profits in the shortest period of time and how to protect them.
  • 2009
    I started speaking internationally about launching a US company to develop trust and joint ventures with the US market.
  • 2010
    Launched The Ultimate Joint Venture Bootcamp to maximize the power of joint ventures and grow your profits fast.
  • 2011
    Launched Fast Business Start-up to help foreign entrepreneurs invest in US tax lien and deed opportunities.
  • 2015
    Launched Sales Tax System to help Amazon sellers simplify sales tax.
  • 2018
    Collaborated with on a work-study project for Sales Taxation Rules at the State level.
  • 2020
    Launched new sales tax nexus analysis services to help sellers clarify their sales tax responsibilities.

  • Deloitte and Touche on Multi-State Taxation
  • Piercing the corporate and LLC veil cases
  • Control Groups
  • Choice of law and choice of forum cases
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Sales Tax Nexus Maps
  • Advanced privacy strategies
  • Sales Tax Nexus Study
  • Circle of Liability
  • Dropshipping and Sales Taxes
  • US tax treaties
  • Economic Nexus Maps
  • International taxation
  • Business Credit Funding Strategies
  • Advanced entity strategies
  • Plus, much, much more
  • Real estate strategies
  • Advanced LLC operating agreement structures

  • The Power of Host-Beneficiary Relationships to Your Business
  • Joint Venture Script Secrets for Success
  • The Joint Venture Success Formula for Massive Leads
  • Simple Steps to Get Other Companies to Endorse You to their Database
  • The Improvement Pattern for Business Success
  • The Asset Protection Mindset for Survival
  • Beliefs about Money; Are Yours in Conflict?
  • Strategies to Triple Your Productivity
  • Do You have a High Degree of Intellectual Curiosity?
  • The Enemy to Your Business Success: Self-Doubt
  • Language Patterns to Overcome Objections
  • Multitiered Structuring Strategies for Maximum Asset Protection
  • Form Another Entity for Your Business or Just Add a DBA.
  • Costly Mistakes to Avoid as an Officer of a Corporation or a Manager of an LLC.
  • Breaking Down Dun & Bradstreet and the Benefits to Your Business.
  • Is Your Business Financially Naked?
  • Funding Fundamentals
  • Credit Repair Secrets
  • The Power of a Strong Business Credit Profile
  • Productive or Busy; Which One are You?
  • Simple vs Complex Problems
  • The Real Cost of Doing Business and the Steps to Succeed
  • The Top 10 Most Effective (and Quick) Ways to Become More Profitable
  • How to Maximize Your US Opportunity
  • Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Forming a US Company
  • Is Your Business Considered a Tax Scam?
  • Simplify Running Your Business as a Business and Not a Hobby
  • What Happens if Your Business is Sued Directly
  • How to Protect the Ownership of Your Operating Entity
  • Back to School Tips to Keep Your Business Out of Lawsuits
  • Why You May Not be Protected
  • Lower Your Risk with the Liability Checklist
  • The Top 5 Ways You May be Sued and What to Do About it
  • The Master Checklist to Review Before You Ever Start Another Business
  • How to Protect Your Real Estate Investments
  • IRS. Requirements for Accurate Records
  • When to Fire Your Professionals
  • Time Management Secrets from Chet Holmes, Fortune 500 Sales Trainer

  • Sandy Botkin, C.P.A., attorney
  • Lee R. Phillips, Attorney
  • Rob L. Bolick, Estate Planning Attorney
  • Todd Rooker, financial crisis expert
  • Michael Gerber (E-Myth)
  • Spike Humer, business turnaround expert
  • Robert Skrob, information marketing business expert
  • Nathan Smith, business coach expert
  • Saen Higgins, Tax Lien Expert
  • Jordan Goodman, American’s Money Answer Man
  • Vincent Zirpoli, recession-proof your business
  • Alexander Van Buren, N.L.P. and modeling expert
  • Multiple other CPAs on tax strategies
  • Plus dozens of others over the years

  • Ohio Real Estate Expo
  • California Real Estate Group
  • T Harv Eker Platinum Group
  • Tax Lien Mastery Association
  • World Internet Summit
  • Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Wealth Master International
  • The Ultimate Joint Venture BootCamp
  • Rapid Crush
  • Buck Rizvi’s Profit Health Academy
  • The White Label Expo
  • Lifestyle Design
  • 100s of webinars, teleseminars, and podcasts over the years
  • Numerous radios shows

  • B.B.A. from the University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Series 7 License
  • Business Finance, N.L.P. Master Practitioner
  • Numerous courses on taxes, asset protection, trusts, and other advanced entity strategies
  • Tony Robbins Master University and several other of his events over the years.
  • Numerous other training courses including marketing, joint ventures, business management, sales, copywriting, psychology, and other
  • business development courses,

My goal is to help you launch your business with confidence, which starts with a complete formation. As you beat the odds and focus on your business’s profits, the overall impact will be a “ripple effect” into both your clients and your family.

Since 1996 (over 24 years), I have been married to my beautiful wife De Ann, and have three beautiful girls, 19, 16, and 14. There are many components to be successful in both your personal and business life. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences to help you grow and protect your profits from taking care of yourself and those closest to you.


My goal is to help you launch your business with confidence, which starts with a complete formation. As you beat the odds and focus on your business’s profits, the overall impact will be a “ripple effect” into both your clients and your family.

Since 1996 (over 24 years), I have been married to my beautiful wife De Ann, and have three beautiful girls, 19, 16, and 14. There are many components to be successful in both your personal and business life. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences to help you grow and protect your profits from taking care of yourself and those closest to you.

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