Are You Really Being Productive or Are You Just Spinning Your Wheels?

Are you just busy, or are you also getting results?

Are you the type running at a fast pace all day long, “working” many hours, and still frustrated with the lack of results?

Are you ready to make a shift? This is not easy because to make a real shift requires a high level of accountability to look at yourself in the mirror and stop fooling yourself what you are doing is really working.

Perhaps, you are the rare super achiever that is looking for the edge to get ahead. Your day is planned and focused, and you are looking for one or two distinctions to make more profits, work fewer hours, or enjoy more time for you and your family.

I am going through a transition and asking myself a very important question; what is most important? How do I achieve high results for you, my client, and have a great quality of life with my wife and three beautiful girls, 19, 16, and 14? I am going to start working from home this spring. I will spend a third of the week in my home office, to be more productive, avoid distractions in the office and have more quality time with my family.

In turn, there will be better results for you, my client. How about you? Are you still checking emails, 10-20 times per day, are you answering your cell phone or office phone every time you have a call? Is your day even planned?

Let me ask you this; can you call Elon Musk (without a meeting planned) and get him on the phone? How about any top super achiever? Probably not.

Why do most small business owners do it? If you do not respect your own time, why should you ask anyone else to? What is the marketing message you are sending when you are always available? Always willing to take a call 24 hours per day, answer emails at the drop of a hat?

I know most of you may be thinking that is great customer service, which is responsive to my clients. I have noticed it sends a different message, unorganized, unproductive, and perhaps not busy, and undervalued because you are so available.

Trust me. My goal is always to improve your systems for your clients, the experience, and make it automatic and predictable for not only your client’s success and your own!

I would encourage you to look in the mirror and ask these important questions:

-How can I be more effective with my time?
-How can I be better at planning my day and focusing on the 6 most important tasks of the day
-What is most important to me?
-What resource do I need to be more effective and enjoy the quality of my life?
-What areas in my business take most of my time
yet are the least productive?
-What areas in my business should I outsource?
-Where can I focus more time on my business to be more productive and have more profits?

Asking more effective questions daily will make an impact on your productivity and profits.

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