Are Your Business and Assets Properly Protected?


Probably not, but let’s check and see. Let me ask you these questions:

1. If you have an LLC  did you have it managed by managers or by members? Do you know the difference?

2. Does your LLC have the correct operating agreement? If the LLC was taxed as an S or C corporation is there language that covers that in the operating agreement?

3. When you formed an LLC did you pay attention to how it will be taxed(there are four options)? Did you proactively make a choice or check some boxes on the SS4 application or worse you let someone else do it for you and this was never addressed?

4. Do you know when a single member LLC disregarded for tax purposes makes sense to protect assets and when it does not make sense for running a business?

5. Are you familiar with the “charging order” and recent cases and it related to a single or multimember  LLC?

6. Do you know why your professionals all want you to incorporate in your home state and why you get different answers from them consistently?

7. Do you know when you should NOT incorporate in Nevada, Wyoming or Delaware?

8. Do you have any assets of value owned by your living trust?

9. Who are the shareholders or members of your corporation or LLC? Is it you or your living trust? Do you know how to tell when that is a bad strategy or it is not?

10. If you are internationally based and established a U.S. business do you know for sure whether you set up a “real” company or one that may look like a “sham” by compliance standards?

11. Do you own real estate in your own name, but since there is no equity you have concluded what is worth protected?

If you are able to answer all of these questions confidently, then congratulations! You are in great shape, and there is no need to register for my live training. You can take the night off!


If you struggled with some of them or did not know the answers, then it is very likely that your business and assets are at risk right now. Your company and your dreams could be toast tomorrow in the event of an unexpected lawsuit or financial setback.


(By the way, the #1 asset protection myth is, “I am a good person and no one would ever sue me, I am out there making a difference.” This is alwaysa tough wake up call for a lot of good business owners – unfortunately, the real world does not work that way.)


It has been my experience that one distinction can often change your entire life. In the same way, just one adjustment in how you structure your business or assets will make all the difference between your being in or out of the game! The bad news is that MOST business owners use the wrong strategy to start, protect and grow a business. We hear about it every week at our office, especially when partners are involved.


Here is the good news. In 90 minutes I will teach you what I have learned,researched, experienced and  implemented in my 16 years as an expert in this field – all based on real business results. I have worked with the best of the best in the world on these subjects and I will share all the critical highlights with you on Tuesday, February 12th at 12 noon PT/3 pm ET.

Register here:
Tuesday, February 12th at 12 noon PT/3 pm ET
Training Time: 90 Minutes

Now, if for some reason you are still operating as a sole proprietorship(probably because your CPA told you to keep it simple because you do not make enough profits to justify incorporating), your financial well-being could be at risk. Sole proprietorships are a big IRS target and often endup losing money that’s rightfully theirs in overpaid taxes. For bigger businesses, the risks of not having the right foundation in place are even greater.


This live online training is for:


• Those who have incorporated online or on your own (you are most  vulnerable).

• Those who were “set up” by their professionals and have no idea why certain recommendations were made or what the overall strategy was.

• Sole proprietorships looking to transition to a separate legal entity

• A business owner who has been in business for 5-10 years and still running all their business through the same single entity (would you ever invest all your money in one stock?).

•  Those who have no assets because of the recent financial crisis and do not have a lot of time or money to start over and build up again (or risk screwing it up with bad information this time).

• Professionals who are smart enough to be open minded to learning a few strategies that will help them better serve their own clients.

• Leaders in organizations with down lines or teams who could benefit from information that will help them make a fast (and secure) start to profits.When your members do well, so will you!


This live online training is NOT for:


• People with big egos who think they know it all and whose only purpose is to complain and prove others wrong.

• People who believe they should have no accountability or responsibility over protecting their own wealth – that it’s something that should be taken care of by someone else.


This is your opportunity to get authoritative, strategic and time-sensitive answers to all the questions we explored at the beginning of this message,plus a lot more profit-building business insights – all free.

Do not miss this free, 90-minute consultation with the business startup expert. This is a ONE-TIME event and it is LIVE. I will take time to answer specific questions about your individual business situation and you can ask them all anonymously during the session – there’s no such thing as a bad question  – you’ll be surprised how many other business owners are wondering about the very same issues!


Register here:
Tuesday, February 12th at 12 noon PT/3 pm ET
Training Time: 90 Minutes

Even if you think all your assets are protected I know you will learn several strategies to make sure you are really protected and structured properly.

Presenter:  Scott Letourneau, CEO and Founder of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.