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Strategies to Access More Money for Your Business

You must look at new strategies and some twists on old strategies to access more money for your business. Cash flow is king and it is a must.

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Entity Structuring Fundamentals

Anytime you form a separate legal entity for a business or protect safe assets, it is very important to complete the entity structuring fundamentals. When an entity is formed, you should be very clear on the best structure to support your goals, both short- and long-term. For example, a C corporation may have lower tax…

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Simple vs. Complex Solutions

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What will help take your business to the next level? Perhaps the next level isn’t even a goal. Perhaps getting started with revenue is your goal. I see so many small business owners looking for “magic dust” to solve their revenue or business challenges in this economy. This is, of course, fantasy land. One school…

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How to Establish a U.S. Business Bank Account

If you’re not a U.S. resident, opening a U.S. bank account for your U.S. business entity can be a challenging task. We’ve covered the many advantages of having a U.S. entity in past articles, but once you’ve cleared that hurdle, the next big step in establishing trust with U.S. buyers is having a credible physical presence for your business inside the United States.

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You have an 87% Chance of Forming the WRONG ENTITY…

With a minimum of 8 options, there’s at least an 87.5% chance the one you choose is wrong for your business. That can lead to costly and time consuming problems that can threaten the survival of your business. Why guess when it comes to protecting everything you’ve worked for?

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Are You Really Being Productive or Are You Just Spinning Your Wheels?

Are you just busy, or are you also getting results? Are you the type running at a fast pace all day long, “working” many hours, and still frustrated with the lack of results? Are you ready to make a shift? This is not easy because to make a real shift requires a high level of…

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How the IRS Knows You are Operating a Hobby, Not a Business.

The IRS had a $300 BILLION tax gap and they know there are suspicious activities for which individuals will start a “business” where really it was a way where expenses that where incurred could be written off as a loss against earned income… (not a real business, just a way to justify money you would have spent anyways so now you want to turn it into a tax write off).

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Do you have a High Degree of Intellectual Curiosity?

Several patterns are common among entrepreneurs that are financially succeeding in this current environment. Most people miss, the one that is not spoken about often, yet is the backbone of success, is a high degree of intellectual curiosity. I would estimate that 85% of entrepreneurs or small business owners do not have it…a leading indicator…

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The Power of the Host/Beneficiary Relationship

In this economy leveraging your valuable capital is a must. Most individuals and small business owners have very little if any additional capital. That means you must find creative ways to market with almost no budget. How do you obtain additional customers at no cost to you? That is the million dollar question.

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Language Patterns for Success in Business and Life!

The quality of your life is really the quality of your communication with yourself and others. Once you become more aware of your language and study the strategies, you will achieve better results. As you may know, I have studied NLP (neuro linguist programming) and become a master practitioner back in 1999 with my wife,…

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Launch your business from a state of certainty.

Starting as a sole proprietorship, hoping things will work out is not an effective strategy.

Decide to launch with confidence and form an LLC or corporation.

The ripple effect of certainty from the start will greatly impact your profits short and long term.

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