Armand Morin on Joint Ventures


As Much of the world knows, I’m an Advocate for the small business world. In January 2012, 1/27/12 – 1/29/12 I will be holding The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp.

Based on the feedback we are getting from many of the top business minds, and from the hundreds of media outlets that are displaying a re cent press release we sent out, this event promises to Be the Small Business Success Solution for 2012:

Armand Morin and Joint Venture Boot CampArmand is being interviewed by me regarding Joint Ventures, Making decisions to get what you want in life, and about attending live events to improve your marketing leverage.

This Free Preview call is  Wed 1/11/12 Register by clicking on the link below

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How to Create a 7 Figure Business


I’ll keep this short because I know you super busy, but this is very important …

My very good friend Michael Price is offering a NO cost webinar Thursday May 26th at 4 pm PDT that shares how he created a 7 figure business and how you can apply what is working for him in your own business.

The best part is he works from home (I’ve been to his house)
and he quits work at 5pm…wouldn’t that be ideal!
Check out all the details and what he will be sharing
with you by going to register at the link below:


Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Fast Start to Profits™!

P.S. Regardless of what type of business you are in, you will learn
some key ways to make more money (especially with current technology). The free webinar can only hold
so many people so make sure you Register Now at:

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Advanced Secrets to Automate Your Joint Ventures


Here are some advanced tips to put this on autopilot for your own e-mails.

Include a proactive P.S. in your e-mails that will ask for joint ventures. Here is an example:

P.S. If you’ve got a house list of more than 5,000 business owner e-mail addresses, then you’re eligible to apply for Scott Letourneau’s free Fast Start to Profits™ Teleseminar program. In this program, he’ll give you and your customers, clients or members a free $197.00 teleseminar with valuable, actionable, success producing content (he won’t sell anything — just give you straight content). Apply right now by sending an e-mail to And put “Free Teleseminar Application” in the subject line. WARNING: there may be a wait list due to high demand. Recent Teleseminar Testimonials:

Scott Letourneau is the leading expert in America when it comes to starting your business and knowing how to grow it. He has helped thousands of small business owners thrive and he can help yours perform much better than you ever thought possible.” Jordan Goodman personal finance expert, author of Fast Profits in Hard Times and owner of Many things are happening at one time in the P.S.

1. I am giving a minimum expectation for someone’s list size (5,000 business owners’ e-mails). Without that I may get 5-10 inquires per day with people with no list. Your number may be lower if you are just starting out.

2. I let them know you are “eligible to apply.” That means there is an application process. Not everyone will be accepted.

3. I let them know that their list will receive something of value; $197.00 of value for FREE and I let them know the content is excellent and I won’t be selling (unless you want me too).

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Have you Mastered the Fastest Way to Grow Your Company?


Then I began studying with the world’s top business experts, including Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber and Tony Robbins.  I hired mentors in HR and leadership to help take NCP to a whole new level. We’ve done so much more than survive the odds for the past twelve years — we have prospered.  We now have more opportunity and JVs on the table than ever before to help more entrepreneurs succeed!

After implementing many of the strategies that I learned from these experts, NCP has become one of the most successful and well-respected companies in our field.

I consider all those years of mistakes and successes a distillation process, helping me to tailor our services and to transform NCP into what I call a “Launch Pad for Business Success.” Our goal is to help YOUR company be everything it can be, too — and more!

I share my story with you to encourage you and reassure you that you are not alone. I have walked in your shoes. I know what you’re facing. The effort may be massive, but your results can be, too — with the proper support.

Today, I actively mastermind and personally network with most of the top marketing and Internet professionals in the world. I work closely with hundreds of other top growth experts, regularly attend many of the top seminars worldwide, and invest thousands each year to stay on the cutting edge of strategy and information.

I’ll gladly do whatever I can to gain your trust as our client. I know what’s being offered out there, and can confidently say that no company comes close to our overall passion and commitment.  We’ve assembled the most comprehensive wealth of cutting edge resources and strategies, any one of which can help steer you on the path to success faster, with less risk, and as efficiently as possible. Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-877-515-0505 and

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NCP’s Annual Tax and Bookkeeping Business Success System™


“The system designed to skyrocket your success!”

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you know 80-95% of business owners fail within five years, only 50% make it past year one. The number one reason for business failure is lack of cash flow. There are many reasons for that, marketing, sales, capitalization….one big reason is the lack of the properly financial system to keep track of your business.

…The Worst Approach is Using Your Online Banking Account Balance as Your Primary Measuring and Decision Making Tool for Your Business.

What is the Number #1 Reason the IRS Goes After Distributors (or home based business, networking or MLM)….??

The Lack of Financial Analytical Records (Like QuickBooks®)

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See the best speakers and trainers in the world in Las Vegas




This is THE Skill You MUST Master to Dramatically Skyrocket Your Profits in 2011 and Beyond!!

Is your business struggling?  Do you need more clients, more sales in your business?  If you’re not using the most powerful form of leverage to grow your business, this will be the most important message you read this year.

UltimateJointVentureBootcamp Brochure UPDATED 7-28-10

Let me get straight to the point. With 95% of businesses failing within 5 years, you CANNOT afford to have an ineffective marketing plan.  The problem is that I see way too many businesses investing tremendous amounts of money in the most expensive form of advertising: traditional advertising and marketing.

Now, Here’s the Good News.

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