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Master the Ultimate Form of Leverage! Joint Ventures – The One Skill You MUST have to Recession Proof and Grow Your Business!

Join me and my team of trainers and coaches for three business life-changing days in Las Vegas as we mentor you in the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business. Yet one that 99% of stressed, struggling entrepreneurs do not use effectively, if at all.

Daunting economic challenges. Businesses struggling to stay afloat. This is the ideal business climate to leverage joint ventures to grow your business!

Why master joint ventures? Joint ventures are the ultimate form of leverage. You have all heard that one key to success is to leverage “OPM” (other people’s money). That, combined with the two other “O’s” — OPR (other people’s resources) and OPC (other people’s customers) — propels the awesome financial power of joint ventures.

Look at is this way: In launching a new advertising campaign to a cold market, you can spend $5,000, $10,000, and often much more in sales letter copy, crafting the offer, working the follow up sequence, split testing and realize (perhaps) a 1-3% conversion rate. That is, assuming you do everything properly.

OR, you can model a powerfully effective strategy by learning the short cut, a workable system to leverage joint ventures to grow your business.

The good news is that the time is ripe for you to Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™ for your business. The method is yours for the taking! Invest a bit of your time in this phenomenal hands-on “boot camp” event, and you can capture forever a workable, streamlined system for the most powerful marketing tool in existence today — joint ventures!

The #1 purpose of a business is not to get more customers, more leads, more visitors to your website. Those are all merely components of your true goal — to earn you profits! The more profits you realize, the more you and your family can enjoy your life, and the more value you can offer your clients.

Go to and check out the incredible line up of speakers that will share with you how to leverage joint ventures to grow your business to the next level!

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