Corporate and LLC Formalities Made Simple


From: Scott Letourneau

Re: December 13th, my interview with Attorney Sherwood Cook. Mr. Cook
is a shareholder with Durham Jones & Pinegar in the firm’s Corporate
and Securities Section.

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Corporate and LLC formalities are a key part of the foundation of
your entities success, both from a legal and tax perspective. Yet, it
is one of the most overlooked fundamentals to protect your business
and personal assets.

I’ve have invited a real expert, Attorney Sherwood Cook, to help you
simplify what  YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES are when it comes to corporate
and LLC formalities.

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December 13th at 4 pm PST


You have been personally invited to attend a preview
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When you become an active member you will receive the CD and
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protect your assets).

You will learn these important strategies when it comes to protecting
your corporation or LLC:

-Discover the role of corporate and LLC formalities and why  they are
so critical to your protection.

Learn the roles between the board of directors and officers in a
corporation and the similarities of managers and members in an LLC.

-Discover the proper sequence of events when you start up a
corporation or LLC to determine if your entity is currently in

-What is the corporate or LLC’s ongoing responsibilities during the
to update corporate and LLC formalities?

-What legal and tax issues may come up if your corporation or LLC is
NOT in compliance?

-Learn how to document important corporate decisions.

-Learn the difference between a formal meeting vs. resolutions. When
should a corporation or LLC have formal meetings?

-How do you protect your current entity by properly replacing a
manager or member
? This can be painful if someone shows up out of the
woodwork years later looking for money when you did not officially
replace that person or entity.  Updating an annual list is not enough.

-What legal agreements should partners have in place? What legal
issues and problems may come up?

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December 13th at 4 pm PST


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