Discover How Your Company Can Survive The Odds And Rank In The Rare 5% That Are Still In Business After Five Years!


Dear Entrepreneur,

In my ongoing efforts to deliver actionable value to you, I have invested more in comprehensive research and streamlined systems to help your business get off to a fast start than anyone else… because I want you to be one of the TOP 5% that are still in business and thriving after five years!

If your goal is to protect your assets or determine the best entity or structure for your new partnership, business, real estate opportunity… you’ve come to the right place.  Not only does NCP track cutting-edge research to give you the best information on which entity is optimal for your needs, but we have also created one of the most comprehensive networks of professional resources in the U.S. to keep you moving in the right direction.

That correctly-focused forward momentum is crucial in our challenging business world today.  As if cutthroat competition, a fluctuating marketplace, and the double-edged sword of the new global economy weren’t enough, forces threaten from outside your business as well…

According to the FBI, More than 250,000 Criminals Make their LIVING Each Year Through LAWSUITS!
Will Your Assets Be Protected?

And not only do you have to survive lawsuits, but the scrutiny of the IRS, too. Amazingly enough, in a self-audit last year the IRS determined they were $300 BILLION SHORT in tax collections — and that their biggest culprit was NOT large corporations.  They’ve decided that small business owners just like you cause most of their shortages, especially sole proprietorships.  That makes sole proprietorships that file a Schedule C tax return 300% more likely to get hit with an IRS audit versus those who do not!

The IRS Has A $300 Billion Per Year Tax Gap.
Is Your Business A Target?
Do You Have A Strategic Plan To Avoid Destructive Audits?

As you read our guide, you’ll discover why sole proprietorships are such huge IRS targets. That alone should scare off most business owners, yet over 67% of all U.S. businesses still operate as sole proprietorships. It makes terrible business sense… but then, these well-intentioned (yet naive) sole proprietors stubbornly cripple themselves even more by dramatically REDUCING their opportunity to utilize business credit.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau

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