Don’t Take My Word For It


Anytime you’re visiting unfamiliar territory, it always helps to get travel tips from someone who’s made the trip before you – someone who knows the wrong turns to avoid and how it feels to be a newcomer.

Meet Kevin and Melissa Knecht – a husband and wife entrepreneurial team wrapping up one of their most successful and abundant years ever!

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How did they do it? Kevin and Melissa are happy to share their secrets with anyone who’s ready to take their business success to the next level. Certainly they already had the desire, determination and a clear vision of their destination.

What they were missing was a complete business foundation that could multiply and protect their profits. After some heavy comparison shopping for someone to walk them through the process of forming a corporation or LLC, they decided that NCP was the best value.

Sure, we could go on about the comprehensive process we took them through – but no one can explain what this experience did for their confidence and earning power better than Kevin and Melissa. They share the important highlights in this quick video.

If you’re ready to put your business on a powerful new success trajectory in 2014 like Kevin and Melissa did, NCP is ready to help! You’ll be amazed how fast, complete and affordable our system is. Take the next step and call us today at 1 (888) 627-7007 or (702) 367-7373.


When You Incorporate (or form an LLC) with NCP
You will Receive THREE Special Bonuses.

NCP helps small business owners launch with confidence with a complete formation at one step of 5 for a complete foundation. We incorporate in all 50 states and
our packages include a 30-minute analysis to help you determine which entity and state is best).


Special Bonus #1: A 30-MinuteTax Consultation with a large tax firm to help you determine how to maximize your business expenses and how to stay in compliance for 2014 with the IRS.

Special Bonus #2: A 45-BRAND NEW Tax Webinar where you will learn how to maximize your meals, travel and entertainment expenses to put MORE PROFIT in your pocket, not the IRS. 

Special Bonus #3: Estate Planning Survival Package: Plus when you form a corporation or LLC in the month of December with NCP you will receive the following extra special bonus:

-15 point review to ensure your assets are protected from creditors and your kids will never have the State (or unwanted family members) raise them if you are gone.

-½ Hour consult with attorney Joseph Dadich, the creator of Blueprint ($499 Value);

-Autographed Copy of Autographed copy of new book ‘Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad – Secrets Every Woman Needs’;

FREE Life-Saving Medical Release document ;($477 Value); (authorize someone to get access to medical records);

FREE VIP WILL ($677 Value) (will help to distribute to property, nominate a representative…at least put your intentions in writing (don’t let the state dictate how your assets will be distributed…still need a living trust to avoid probate;

If you have any questions about whether your situation would benefit from another entity please call us at 1-(888) 627-7007 or 1-702-367-7373.


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