How To Make the Transition From Working ON Your Business To Working IN Your Business!


Awakening the Entrepreneur Within You! Start with a Beginners Mind and Dream!
By CEO, Scott Letourneau & Michael Gerber, founder of the E-Myth!

Michael Gerber has just released his new book entitled, “Awaken the Entrepreneur Within!” and is excited to be interviewed by NCP and Scott Letourneau, CEO!

Scott Letourneau is the founder and CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. Over the past 13 years NCP has assisted more than 5,000 business owners form LLCs and corporations to get their business off to a fast start to profits™! Questions? Call NCP at 1-888-627-7007.

Go to to find out how you can master this ultimate form of leverage in Las Vegas on January 29, 30 and 31st!

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