Learn the Best Legal Strategies to Tip the Scales in Your Favor


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 5th at 5 P.M. PDT / 7 P.M. EDT. I will be interviewing attorney, Lee R. Phillips, who will teach you how to reposition yourself in the law so that you can go out and make more money from joint ventures than you have ever thought possible.

Yes, a good knowledge of the law will actually let you make more money with your joint ventures.  In today’s lawsuit happy society, making it isn’t enough. You also have to know how to protect your wealth, or someone will take it away from you (especially an unhappy joint venture partner).

Unless you are shielded, everything you have can be lost.

Featured Faculty Member for the 2011 Ultimate
Joint Venture Boot Camp: Lee Phillips



Go to this URL to register to receive the phone number and code for this powerful teleseminar on January 5th: http://budurl.com/MasterJVs

Which legal strategies do you need to “tip the legal scales in your favor?”

1. Nine Legal loopholes that will let you grow wealth faster than you ever thought possible

2. The #1 asset protection structure that the wealthy use to guard against business failure, accidents, lawsuits

3. The “ins and outs” of the 2 greatest money making gifts the IRS has given us

4. Important tax tips the IRS doesn’t want us to know

5. The ugly truth about probate that attorneys keep to themselves

6. How to avoid hidden dangers that take away peace of mind and financial security

7. Have confidence and make more money because your legal affairs are in order

8. Secrets of financing your property the way the wealthy do

9. Six easy steps to protect your identity

10. Supersize your retirement

11. Discover amazing secrets about using Trusts like a master

12. The Ten Best Asset Protection tips you need to grow wealth


Go to this URL to register to receive the phone number and code for this powerful teleseminar on January 5th: http://budurl.com/MasterJVs

Special Guest:  Lee R. Phillips is a counselor to the Supreme Court of the United States and an engaging speaker.  He will walk you through how to make it and how to keep it using the tools of wealth.  Nobody ever gets rich without an understanding of the tools that create wealth and protect it. Lee has used the tools of wealth and “done very well.”  His primary residence is on Siesta Key in the Blue Gulf of Mexico, but he grows fruit trees and a big vegetable garden in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  Lee has many lives.

Host: Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. You will learn from Scott’s diverse expertise and his comprehensive and ever-growing list of powerful business resources.  These are the very elements that have allowed his 5,500+ clients, both domestic and abroad, to incorporate their business with confidence, “propelling their business on a fast track to profits!”

Scott has a BA in Finance and is the author of “The Insiders Guide to Incorporating Your Business and Protecting Your Assets!” He is also a contributing author for the new book from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Startup series; Start Your Own Information Marketing Business – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success.”

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Dedicated to your success!

Scott Letourneau



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Go to this URL to register to receive the phone number and code for this  powerful teleseminar on January 5th: http://budurl.com/MasterJVs

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