Checklist for Success…


Do you have organizations calling you weekly to promote your company to their list at no cost to you?

Do you have the tools in place to create that type of growth for your business?

Here is a quick checklist:

1.    A well defined niche.

2.    A strong and compelling UVP (unique value proposition).

3.    A strong brand with yourself individually, your website, marketing and business.

4.    Language skills to ask the right questions to put yourself and your company in a position for a joint venture opportunity.

5.    Skills on asking the best questions to enhance your results.

6.    World class sales skills to give your 45 second presentation on how you add more value.

7.    The tools to immediately send out to a prospective JV partner to make it turn-key for them to endorse you to their list for FREE!

8.    How to protect your business assets and estate from lawsuits and attacks.

9.    The best technology to automate your marketing system and results to maximize your joint venture opportunities.

10. The marketing equation to maximize all your new clients and customers results from successful joint ventures!

And how to make it as turn-key as possible!

How did you do? Do you have most of the tools in place? If so, are you getting the results you should be? Perhaps it’s an important mind set shift, something in your language that is breaking rapport…or a branding issue. What is this costing your business and family by not to having these tools in place? How would your life and freedom be different after learning and implementing these tools?

Here is the best part, you have an opportunity to learn and implement every tool on this checklist and so much more, at the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp in Las Vegas, January 28-30th.

Invest, 3 days on your future and never look back! There are literally just a few seats remaining for this incredible Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp.

To learn more, go to: In addition, you will get access to world class free training for only a few more days after you register. This alone will give you a great overview of what you will learn and strategies you can implement today!

About the Author:

Scott Letourneau is the founder and CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. Over the past 14 years NCP has assisted more than 5,500 business owners form LLCs and corporations to get their business off to a fast start to profits™! Questions? Call NCP at 1-888-627-7007.

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