Protect Your Assets this Week-Incorporating Offer-Extended to June 4th


Due to the holiday weekend we realize that many weren’t able to access our offer that expired  Friday May 28th.  Therefore, we have extended it to this Friday, June 3rd.

Are you assets really protected in today’s uncertain financial economy?

Even if you have already formed a corporation or LLC for your main operating business is that good enough? Will that protect you?

Here is what your current or future assets are up against:

Shocking Lawsuit Facts:

1. There are nearly 80 million lawsuits filed every year!

2. Frivilous lawsuits cost the U.S. over $200 BILLION per year!

3. Internet lawsuits are increasing more than ever before!

4. As the economy struggles with massive debt, lawsuits will increase to all time levels coming soon.

WARNING: SOLE PROPRIETORS: The IRS has a $300 Billion Tax Gap: Biggest target for that tax gap: Sole proprietorships. That is why you want to immediately get off a schedule C! Even if you were told to “keep it simple” you don’t make enough money yet. That is the kiss of death for business success.

Top 5 Areas where Your Assets May be Exposed:

1. The ownership of your current company (especially if you have a S or C corporation). High revenue and profit LLCs may be at risk also).

2. Domain names. If you have any value in your “virtual real estate” the worst place to hold your domain names is in your name personally or the name of your operating business.

3. Safe assets being owned in your own name, living trust or operating company.

4. New joint ventures operating through your current operating business.

5. Your intellectual property owned personally.

You Will Receive Over $3,594.00 in Profit Generating & Asset Protecting Bonuses, when You Incorporate (or Form another Entity) with NCP by Friday, June 4th!

Take the first step and call us at 1-888-627-7007 for
a free 30 minute evaluation
(even if you incorporated
with someone else!).

You will receive our Top 10 reasons for forming
a second entity
and our Top 20 Costly Mistakes
made before and after incorporating

Why work 60-70 hour per week and three years later
find out you had a major crack in your asset
protection structure? Example, having your domain
names that count for 90% of your business owned
by you or your operating entity!

Here is our May Incredible ONE TIME Offer!

This offer expires Friday June 4th at 4 pm PDT!

When you incorporate with NCP in May you
will receive the following powerful Fast Start Profit

Fast Start Bonus #1: Fast Start Business Success Webinar!

You will discover the steps to get your new LLC off to a
fast start so you can spend more of your time making profits!

You will learn the following:
• Tips on Capitalizing your new LLC (avoid costly mistakes and secure the proper ownership)
• How to transition from a sole proprietorship to an LLC (don’t be left running both side by side).
• How to issue the membership interest of the LLC!
• How and when to pay yourself (do you need to do payroll, when does that come into play).
• End of the year tax planning tips!
• How to run your business separate from your personal life!
• Learn how to protect your important assets!
• Live Q & A!

Value: $997.00

Fast Start Bonus #2: Fast Start to Business Credit “Cash” for Your Business! Online MP3 and Transcripts.

What’s new in the credit world?

How are the changes with credit cards and banks going to
affect your ability to gain access to capital in the future?

What position should you consider, and how do you leverage
capital to take advantage of this current economic opportunity?

Value: $97.00
Fast Start Bonus #3: Fast Start to Profits Success Center!

Discover the little-known (and rarely talked about) success
that allow entrepreneurs to obtain a fast start to
profits in record time! You will get instant access to MP3s
and downloadable transcripts, where you will learn from the
best in world!

Discover how to develop massive traffic to your
website on a restricted budget,
and how to take one piece of
content and turn it into multiple formats, (not duplicated content)!

Plus imagine accessing all the best sources to use to create a
river of traffic
to your website!

Discover the triple overlap” of profits, return on investment and
cash flow
to best run business for maximum success!

Value: $1,497.00

Fast Start Bonus #4: One Ticket to The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp January 28, 29, 30 2011 in Las Vegas!

Discover how to master the highest form of leverage to grow your business, joint ventures! You will learn from the best trainings in the world on one subject, joint ventures and learn how to master this strategy. Imagine being able to have other companies glady promote you to their data base to offer your product or service at no cost to you!

Master host/beneficiary relationships and how to get someone else to endorse you to their list (over and over)!

Value: $997.00

Total Profit Generating Bonus Value when you incorporate
in May with NCP: $3,594.00.

This has only been available with higher valued packages
when I have presented at live events!

This offer expires Friday, June 4th at 4 pm PDT.

Call today at 1-888-627-7007 and let us know you have questions and want to take advantage of the May One-Time Bonus Offer.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Scott Letourneau

Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
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Las Vegas, NV 89128
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P.S. Here is a sneak preview into 3 of the top reasons to
form a second entity
When you call NCP at 1-888-627-7007
we will send you the complete list plus the Top 20 Costly

10. An LLC to protect the stock of your C Corporation.
Don’t let happen to you what did to a prospect a few years
ago when he lost his $3 million computer company from a
personal lawsuit!

9.   A Single Member LLC to protect the stock of your S

8. An LLC to be the member of your successful LLC.
Why let a creditor disrupt your profitable LLC even with
the charging order protection.

Worldwide successful entrepreneurs turn to only one person when they want to establish their company in the United States. They want the one person who they know can deliver a truly turnkey experience to position themselves for profits and success. That person is Scott Letourneau! He is the authority on establishing and positioning U.S. companies for maximum profit!

Scott is the prominent entrepreneur and CEO who founded Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. in 1997.  He also founded the complementary Fast Business Credit, Inc. in 2003, again with great success.

In addition, Scott is a busy lecturer, consultant and author, who is recognized worldwide for helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a fast start in the United States.

Contact Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. at 1-702-367-7373 or e-mail us at for a complete report on the steps to establish your U.S. company.

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