2012 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp


We are only a few days away from the event that
will change your financial future!  Why? Because when
you master this one strategy…you will bring in new leads and attract new clients.

Check out all the details for the 2012 Ultimate Joint Venture
Boot Camp January 27-29 at the Gold Coast Casino in
Las Vegas here now.

I will be upfront and tell you there are many components to learn with my favorite JV strategy, the host/beneficiary relationship. In fact, almost every major business success has been a result of a joint venture…done the right way.

When you register now, you will receive $4,685 in bonuses, and that alone would be great for such a small investment.However, in addition to over $4,600 in bonuses you also will be spending three days focusing on this ONE POWERFUL strategy with world class trainers to help you implement every phase!

Did you check out the training calls by the speakers? I even
broke down the most essential parts for you.

Go ahead and access the training calls with each speaker for FREE for a limited time:

Go to Speaker Training Calls Now.

This is the ONLY Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp scheduled
for 2012 to help you leverage other people’s resources.

When you register today (first you will receive 10% off)
PLUS, you will receive immediate access to the
online 2010 & 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot
Camp training from our powerful 3 day boot camps

we’ve previously held in Las Vegas.

You will have access to both the videos and audios online (www.TheUltimateJointVentureToolBox.com) broken down
by each trainer, complete with training manual on which
subjects you need the most help with RIGHT NOW in your
business. Plus, you will receive access to all the training calls
and materials to turn your business around quickly.

This bonus alone is a $3,995.00 value.

Go to http://www.theultimatejointventurebootcamp.com
for FULL details and to Register Today! Save 10% by Registering on or before January 20th, 2012 (there are ONLY a few seats remaining)

Join me and my team of trainers and coaches for three business
life-changing days in Las Vegas as we mentor you in the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business …yet one that 99% of stressed, struggling entrepreneurs do not use effectively, if at all.

The World Class Trainers to Help Your Business Turn Around and Grow in 2012 and Beyond Include:

Spike Humer- Is widely becoming recognized around
the world engineering entrepreneurial success
as THE leading expert in stories.

Armand Morin -International Internet Marketing Strategist.
Having started online in 1996, his personal online businesses
alone have generated over $100 Million in online revenue
since then.

“Jump Start” Jim Chianese– Is The World’s Only Marketing Resultant for the Impatient Entrepreneur. A Relationship and Social Media Marketing Consultant that has used social networking to double client’s businesses.

Sohail Khan- Sohail is founder of The Joint Venture Group
and President of The Joint Venture University. Having previously
built a multi-million pound internet training business which
he started with just $1,500 in 2000, he then sold a majority
stake to a $118 Million IT company in 2006.

Richelle Shaw– Richelle is a graduate of UCLA and has been
in Las Vegas since 1991. She built her first business to $36 million
and lost it all after the 9/11 Tragedies. She rebuilt her million
dollar company back in 5 months.

Rachel Quilty- Is known as the “Authority” on Personal Branding.
Rachel is the CEO and owner of Jump the Q® Inc., a Personal
Brand consulting firm with offices in Brisbane, Australia and
Las Vegas, USA. Rachel regularly speaks at events and conferences on personal branding, professional image and developing your signature brand.

Lee Phillips (Attorney)- Will teach you how to reposition
yourself in the law so that you can go out and make more money
than you have ever thought possible.

The good news is that the time is ripe for you to Master True
Leverage for Maximum Profits™ for your business.
The method is yours for the taking! Invest a bit of your time in this phenomenal hands-on “boot camp” event, and you can capture forever a workable,
streamlined system for the most powerful marketing tool in existence today — joint ventures!

Join Scott Letourneau, January 27-29, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada for THE ULTIMATE JOINT VENTURE BOOT CAMP- Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™!

Go to http://www.theultimatejointventurebootcamp.com
for FULL details and to Register Today! Save 10% by Registering on or before January 20th, 2012 (there are ONLY a few seats remaining)
You will learn these strategies and more to massively grow your business in 2012 and beyond!

• Why joint ventures can be your ticket to unlimited capital and

• How joint ventures can help your business grow in any economy!

• The three near fatal mistakes businesses and individuals most
often make in attempting to do a joint venture and how to avoid them!

• Learn the JV mindset that will empower you to do more JV’s than you ever thought possible!

• Discover the secret to taking all your JV’s to the max and turn
them into deals you never thought possible!

• How to leverage the power of referrals in your business and the
hidden secret that most are not doing effectively both on and offline!

• 5 Steps to Create Interest and Attract Business to You!

• How to get crystal clear about what your joint venture should do for you?

• When does a joint venture actually make money?

• Which joint venture partners MAKE money?

• Which joint venture partners LOSE money?

Plus when you register today you will receive these powerful bonuses:

Free Bonus #1: LIFETIME ACCESS to www.TheUltimateJointVentureToolBox.com membershipsite. Allowing you to learn the strategies to develop 6 & 7 figure joint ventures with your business. You will receive the complete video training from 2010 The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp and the audio training from the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp (both 3 day events). Plus you will receive access to all the preview calls and training.

You will learn from all the incredible trainers to immediately explode your joint ventures profits for the second half of 2011 and beyond. Now you will be fully prepped to leverage your time and money at the live event January 2012 in Las Vegas!     $3,995.00 Value

Free Bonus #2: Two “Outcome Sessions” teleseminars to help you get
clear about your goals and objectives before AND after the JV Boot
Camp with turn around specialist Spike Humer!   $495.00 Value

Free Bonus #3: “Critical Drivers of Success Blueprint” to help you
keep on track and maximize your JV results!     $195.00 Value

Total Bonus Value= $4,685.00

2 Easy Ways to Register for The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp:

1. Call Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. at 1-888-627-7007, or
2 Register Online at http://www.theultimatejointventurebootcamp.com/

The special 10% discount expires Friday, January 20th at 4 pm PT!
Register Today and Receive over $4,865.00 in Bonuses and Immediately have Access to 2010 and 2011  Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp Online Training to Grow Your Business!

I am looking forward to working with you at The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp, January 27, 28th and 29th 2012.

Questions? Call NCP today at 1-888-627-7007!

Dedicated to your success!

Scott Letourneau

Go to http://www.theultimatejointventurebootcamp.com
for FULL details and to Register Today! Save 10% by Registering on or before January 20th, 2012 (there are ONLY a few seats remaining).

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Get immediate access to the preview training calls by the speakers at www.facebook.com/theultimatejointventurebootcamp

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