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From: Scott Letourneau
Re: October 11th, Top 5% Club Interview with Jim Chianese,

known as “Jump Start Jim” The World’s Only Marketing Resultant for The Impatient Entrepreneur.

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Wikipedia defines the word entrepreneur as an owner of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. It goes on to say it is a term applied to a person who is willing to help launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome.

One definition of the word impatient is to be eagerly desirous,
according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Combine the two and you get someone that is an owner of a business that is eagerly desirous to succeed and will take full responsibility for the outcome of that business.

Jim Chianese (Key-a-nay-say) or better known in marketing circles as “Jump Start Jim” is The World’s Only Marketing Resultant for The Impatient Entrepreneur.

As the author of the soon to  be released Impatient Entrepreneur Series of books and an Internet Marketing Consultant for a publically traded company, Jim has had the opportunity to speak to international audiences about subjects such as Social Media, SEO, Lead Generation and Selling High Ticket Services for the small business owner.

Join us on this teleseminar as he will discuss what he has discovered to be the Top 5 Fast and Free Strategies, or more appropriately, necessities to drive traffic to your website in today’s economy.

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October 11th at 4 pm PDT
FYI, there is no selling on this call. The goal is to help your
business get off to a fast start to profits™ with several strategies that you can implement immediately after the training.

You have been personally invited to attend a preview
of one of our powerful monthly teleseminars to grow your business.

This is part of our Top 5% Club membership, where our goal is to help your company beat the odds and be a part of the 5% that succeed in business after 5 years! (go to for more details to subscribe to this program). When you become an active member you will receive the CD and transcripts of the call plus other tools to grow your business and protect your assets).

You will learn these strategies on how to develop FREE traffic FAST but no delusions of Magical Million Dollar results with the push of a button:

-The most effective way to create compelling free content that is also fast!

-The 5 most effective distribution strategies to maximize the
results from your free content!

-Social media strategies that will actually convert to revenue
so you can stop wasting so much of your precious time online (most of you are doing this incorrectly and that is why you are getting little or no results…and wasting a lot of your time in the process).

-How to double the size of your small business within four
months with joint ventures and what works best to develop powerful relationships fast!

-How to set up a simple system for you to have a big win with
more traffic to build your list and still have time for your life and family!

-Plus many other strategies and tips with articles, videos,
blogs to maximize your traffic results fast!

Register now at the URL below and you will receive all the details for this “game changer”  training:

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October 11th at 4 pm PDT

You will also learn the best strategies (especially if you do not have lot of time for marketing) to get free traffic to your web site fast (most strategies you will be able to implement in 5 minutes or less).

Don’t wait on this-October 11th at 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT
Dedicated to Your Success,

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