Scott Letourneau Interviews Armand Morin – Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority

From: Scott Letourneau
Re: The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp-Training Call
with Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority-Armand Morin

Wednesday January 11th at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

On this date, I will interview the one and only Armand Morin, who has
grown his internet company into a multi-million dollar international
business doing business in over 100 countries around the world!

He reveals the precise techniques and strategies he uses every day.
Thousands of Armand’s students have also produced millions of dollars
in online revenue.

He will teach you exactly what you must do differently to be
successful online in 2012 and beyond (doing what worked in the past will not cut it).

Featured Faculty Member: Armand Morin. Armand’s straight to the point
teaching style has the unique ability to literally transform any business in
90 minutes or less, making him a highly sought after speaker all over the world.
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Join Us for Your Free Training Call-with Internet Strategist and
Marketing Authority Armand Morin

Today, leveraging relationships and other people’s assets
are essential forms or leverage, especially in today’s economy.

The problem is that too many people do not approach relationships
properly when it comes to growing their business through others.

Armand will not only teach you step-by-step how he has developed
some of his most powerful joint ventures to grow his massive
business, he will show the simple steps you can IMMEDIATELY take to
Dramatically Improve Your JV Results!

You’ll learn these important strategies for your business success in
2012 and beyond:

-The key difference between a tactic and a principle for online
success (this is keystone to building the foundation of your business).

-Do you really understand what the foundation of an internet business
should include (or are you going down the wrong track)?

-What are the BEST numbers to track with your online business for

-The three primary aspects for only success (it really can be this
simple, if you have it right)!

-What is the most important part to increase your online success
(it’s not sexy, but …)?

-Why most think of Social Media incorrectly and how you should look
at it for your business.

-Why your identity for 2012 is a must for your online success.

-What must change in your online sales letters and videos in 2012
(this works for both low AND high priced items)!

-The big JV mistakes to avoid (hope you are not making these
major blunders).

-Simple relationship building strategies to implement at every event
you attend to increase your JV success!

-How to develop hugely successful JV relationships (and things to
avoid ruining them quickly)!

Armand’s personal JV strategy (one that you can model for
massive success)!

Want to seriously become a multimillionaire? CDs won’t do it,
learn what will time and time again!

-Plus much more to help you REALLY achieve your 2012 financial

Take the next step and make an important decision to take your
business to the next level and learn all these key strategies from Armand
Morin, an entrepreneur who has a multi-million dollar international business
which has done business in over 100 countries around the world!

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Wednesday January 11th at 6 pm PT/ET

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make sure you get a spot on the call
Wednesday January 11th at 6 pm PT/9 pmET

Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau, CEO
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.

P.S. You will learn so many key principal strategies to grow and
learn from
the best online marketer in the world today, Armand Morin!  Register
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