Sales Strategies for Your Business to Survive and Prosper During a Recession!


From: Scott Letourneau
Re: September 13th Top 5% Club Interview with Mega Marketing, Inc. Founder, Vincent Zirpoli

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There are so many marketing strategies, systems and approaches to grow your business and it can be overwhelming. Whether your business is struggling to bring in revenue or your niche is prospering during these economic times, the ability to accurately measure results and determine where improvements need to be made, will stop the costly “new shinning object” syndrome that will lead to bankruptcy.

The “new shinning object” syndrome is when you jump from one new marketing strategy to the next almost on a weekly basis because nothing seems to work and you may be running out of cash quickly.

That approach never works.

You will learn the system that works, no matter what the economy is that will give you the feedback to focus on where improvements need to be made in your business to be a part of the Top 5% that succeeds after five years, vs. the 95% that fail.

Whether your business has 1 or 100 employees… even if you have been managing for 20 years — I guarantee you will have at least several invaluable “aha!” moments when I interview our special guest, Vincent Zirpoli, President of MegaMarketing, Inc.

Mr. Zirpoli has graciously agreed to share a wealth of knowledge garnered from his experience in managing a 1300-person organization and working with more than 500 companies during his prominent marketing career!

Plus his companies have never dipped in sales during 11 different recessions!

Would it be extremely helpful to know how you can learn
the same approach
so your business sales do not dip during this current recession? Now is your opportunity.

Not only will you get to hear Vince’s powerful system (which he has developed over 50 years, but you also will receive a 21 page PDF with an outline of the system so you can faster implement this into your organization (you will receive the link to the PDF after you register for the call below).

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You will learn these strategies (and more!) on this powerful

-How to achieve your sales targets regardless of the economy!

-The power of the funnel and variables that will affect your
sales results. ”

-What is statistical process control and how do you use it to
your benefit to measure and get results!

-What are the costly mistakes most small businesses make and how to avoid them!

-Why using percentages is the wrong approach to manage your numbers.

-Why the activity log is so important to your success and what components are most important to measure.

-Why are controllable activities required to achieve
objectives so important?

-How to increase your staff’s results… even during a down turn in the economy!

-Plus many other management insights to help grow your

You have been personally invited to attend a preview
of one of our powerful monthly teleseminars to grow your business.

This is part of our Top 5% Club membership, where our goal is to help your company beat the odds and be a part of the 5% that succeed in business after 5 years! (go to for more details to subscribe to this program). When you become an active member you will receive the CD and transcripts of the call plus other tools to grow your business and protect your assets).
Register now at the URL below and you will receive all the details including the important URL to the 21 page special “recession buster” PDF to help guide you through during this teleseminar:

You will take away valuable information you can use immediately…
You will also learn the best approach to manage yourself and your staff (if you have any) to get the best results in your business during this current economy.
Don’t wait on this-September Top 5% Club Teleseminar 13th at 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT

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