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Successful entrepreneurs worldwide turn to only one person when they want to launch their business with confidence and establish their company in the United States.  They want the one person who they know can deliver a truly turnkey experience to position themselves for profits and compliance (especially with sales tax). That person is Scott Letourneau!

Scott is the prominent entrepreneur and CEO who founded Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. in 1997.  He also founded the complementary Sales Tax System in 2015, again with great success.  Scott has conducted hundreds of e-commerce sellers get into sales tax compliance to launch their U.S. brand.

According to acclaimed business coach and marketing strategist Spike Humer, “If you are looking to start a U.S.-based business, Scott is THE leading authority to help you lay a rock-solid foundation for your success. Whether you’re starting a new business in the U.S., looking to establish business credit, or create the best structure in moving your current business forward, Scott is the ‘go-to guy.’ No one I know even comes close in terms of the right blend of expertise, integrity, and experience. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

In addition, Scott is a busy lecturer, consultant and author, who is recognized worldwide for helping entrepreneurs launch their business with confidence in the United States.

You will learn from Scott’s diverse expertise and complete turnkey business solution, along with his comprehensive and ever-growing list of powerful business resources.  These are the very elements that have allowed his 6,500+ clients both domestic and abroad to launch their business with confidence.

Todd Falcone, well-known Network Marketing Trainer, says “When I think about incorporating, the only person that comes to mind is Scott Letourneau. He is THE authority when it comes to the subject of incorporating and creating business credit…period. Anytime a friend asks me about starting a company I send them to Scott.”

Scott has a BA in Finance, a Masters Practitioners Degree in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the study of patterns of success) and is the author of “The Insiders Guide to Incorporating Your Business and Protecting Your Assets!” He is also a contributing author for the book from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Start Up series; Start Your Own Information Marketing Business – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success.”

He has appeared on CNN Headlines News with Pat Summerall’s Success Stories, and has been interviewed by various radio and TV stations throughout North America, eager to tap into his expertise and experience.

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  • Establish the Correct Foundation for Your Business and Keep the IRS Off Your Back! (For entrepreneurs who want to pay fewer taxes legally to the IRS, protect their assets and get their business off to a fast start to profits℠!)
  • How to Get into Compliance with Sales Tax as an E-Commerce Seller! (Stop having paying sales tax out of your own pocket and discover how to get back on track with sales tax compliance! )
  • What Steps Foreign Seller Must Take to Get into Compliance with a U.S. company! (Building and U.S. brand and separating your liability are two reasons to move forward with a U.S. company)

Scott will also create a custom presentation for you, tailor-fit to the needs of your audience, upon request.

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Sales Tax Strategies for Amazon FBA Sellers

The Secret on How to take Advantage of the U.S. Market

What is the Best Business Opportunity


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