SEO, Mobile, Google & Digital Marketing In 2013 with Sara Mannix


In a recent interview with Sara Mannix, CEO of Mannix Marketing, we had a chance to sit down and ask critical questions about what changes lay ahead in 2013 for succeeding online.  You may access the complete interview below.

Here are the critically important digital strategies covered on this important training:

• How has web site design strategy changed recently with the increased use of mobile devices?

• In relation to website design, discover what Sara is recommending for their clients for 2013 (called the Starbucks Strategy) and what changes you should be considering?

• What is conversion rate optimization and is it critical for your online success?

• Where SEO is going in 2013 and what changes do you need to make today in your strategy?

• What is author rank and why is that important? What simple tips should you be taking to improve your author rank?

• What is Panda /Penguin and why is that important?

• What is the difference between “white hat” and “black hat” SEO (how do you really know the difference)?

• If SCHEMA doesn’t directly benefit SEO, why should businesses implement it on their websites?

• What is Link Popularity and how has link building changed in 2013?  Does website speed matter in SEO?

• What is paid search or pay per click and remarketing? Why is it recommended?

• Is branding still important in your overall digital strategy?

• How much should I invest in digital marketing (what factors should I be considering in establishing my budget)?

• The best strategies to get the best return for your time (and money) from your social media including facebook, twitter and LinkedIn®?

• Why you should be paying more attention to Google+ and how to maximize your results without wasting a lot of time.

• What’s the next big thing in social media that you should be paying attention to?

If you’re looking for insight into what your website needs to be doing next, Sara Mannix addresses many of the top changes and challenges coming this year. You’ll hear what she’s recommending to her clients… from mobile-ready responsive designs that are able to meet the needs of ever changing screen sizes, to conversion rate optimization (CRO), and how your company needs them both to convert browsers into paying customers.

No clue what SEO is all about? No problem. Sara Mannix founded a small company in the mid nineties based on a simple principle of building websites that get found in the search engines. Back then, search engine optimization (SEO) was called search engine positioning (SEP). Names changed, the rules of getting found in the search engines changed too… but more than 15 years later, Mannix Marketing still has the same goal. Listen to the podcast and learn what SEO is, what’s changed, where it’s going in the future, and how it can help attract qualified leads to your website.

Everyone’s jumping into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+… learn what advice will help you get more out of social media than just posting status updates and crossing fingers, hoping that it will increase your bottom line. You’ll hear what it takes to be successful in the social networks. Want a hint? Think of your social media strategy as a party… listen more than you talk, and make it about your audience.

What’s the next big thing in social media? What’s new in Google? Ever hear of two pesky animals called Panda and Penguin? They sound adorable, but can wreak havoc on your digital marketing goals. What should my digital marketing budget be? It’s all answered.

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