Simple Steps to Get Other Companies to Endorse You to Their Database!


Looking to bring on more clients or customers? The fastest, lowest cost to grow your business is to leverage joint ventures. More specifically a host beneficiary relationship is the strategy that is the most effective and profitable for you to focus your efforts. Below is a summary of how the host beneficiary relationship works and how to get results
for your business.

Host Beneficiary


The ultimate form of leverage for your business is to find a company, a business or an individual who already has the relationships you need access to. They have spent the time and money to acquire and keep your ideal customers and clients. They are seen as the trusted advisor in their field. That is true leverage! The marketing term is called a “host/beneficiary relationship”, popularized by marketing guru, Jay Abraham. A host beneficiary relationship is where Company A (the host) agrees to let Company B (the beneficiary) deliver a sales message to people who are Company A’s customers or clients. If you are the beneficiary, you are providing valuable content to the host’s clients in exchange for FREE exposure to their entire list! Many times a host may have a membership site or continuity program.

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