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Here is a list of solutions of services and systems developed by Scott Letourneau and his team to help you build the proper foundation for your business, get in compliance with sales tax and protect your assets. Scott is available to share strategies with your members and clients via a podcast, webinar or live event. Please e-mail Scott directly at  if you have an event where Scott can add value!

Incorporating & LLC Services:

  • LLC and Corporation Packages in all 50 States – Looking to Incorporate or form an LLC in your home state? Our turnkey process and services take care of everything, letting you focus on making profits for your business! See our 6 steps for a complete 50 state formation.
  • Sales Tax Compliance and Permits for Amazon FBA Sellers – Sales Tax System helps make it simple for E-Commerce sellers to get into compliance with sales tax. Learn more at
  • Registered Agent Services – Every new corporation or LLC requires someone to be the contact point for the company. If you’re ever sued, you don’t want this to be you!
  • Foreign Registration – Incorporating or forming an LLC in Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming, and need to register in your state of operations? Perhaps you’re doing business in multiple states. Either way, this service is critical! See an overview of our foreign/qualification registration services.
  • DBAs – Does your LLC or corporation require a DBA (“Doing Business As”) or fictitious firm name? Should you use this for a second business or form a second entity?

  • EIN Numbers – Caution: the IRS has updated their online process, which could make life especially difficult for LLCs.
  • U.S. EntitiesAre you a foreigner looking to establish a U.S. business to invest in tax liens, real estate, or looking to access the U.S. market and leverage more joint ventures?  All the steps from the formation of your U.S. business, a U.S. address, U.S. bank account, tax, and immigration support will be provided. See our 8 steps for a U.S. Company Complete Formation.
  • Trademark Search and Registration – Protect your intellectual property by making it easy for people to find you. Registering your trademark publicly declares that your trademark is recorded with the USPTO.

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Business Services:

  • Business Strategy Sessions – Hire Scott for one-on-one strategies sessions to help guide you through your business structure or sales tax issues. Learn more at this link.
  • Sales Tax Permits- As an Amazon FBA seller you will need to collect and remit sales tax in the states where you have nexus (or stock). Our system is the best to help you with all the steps before and after you apply for sales tax permits. Learn more about our sales tax permit registration process and pricing here.
  • Virtual Address and Mail Scanning Services- In every state, e-commerce sellers must register for sales tax permits that will end up unleashing an overwhelming bucket of mail from every state.  Our service has been revamped and improved to support you with the mail onslaught. See our services and plans for a virtual address and mail service here.
  • U.S. Bank Account Set Up – This is only available to a U.S. company formation and travel is NO longer required. Learn more at this link.
  • Payroll Services – Experts advise that the number one legal exposure to your business begins on the day you hire your first employee. This turnkey solution is a must!
  • Merchant Account Services – Every viable business today must accept credit cards, but most end up unknowingly overpaying for this service.