Start Your Business Now

95% of Businesses Fail Within Five Years…

A bleak statistic that strikes a blow to the core of every aspiring business owner. You, inspired by an infinite number of heartfelt reasons, deserve to beat the odds. And you must do it quickly, before the (thankfully) finite number of threats to your new endeavor overcome you.

Your timely success is more than just money in the bank; it’s security for you and your family, and insurance that you’ll reap the rewards of planting strategic seeds now, rather than (at best) playing catch-up for the rest of your career. We know the mistakes that nearly every start up business makes—and we have the solution…


Let NCP Help You and Establish Your Proper Foundation so Your Business Will Get Off to Fast Start to Profits℠ !


Dear Entrepreneur,

Since 1997, NCP has helped thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs incorporate with confidence℠  and get their business off to a fast start to profits. There are certain patterns of success — and patterns of failure — when starting a business.

Let me ask you this: Where do you go FIRST to start a business?

Because there is no branded definition of where to find superior quality help, most new business owners are all over the board. Some go to their attorney, accountant, financial planner, banker, online, business license department …and all give different opinions as to the best approach. Each one is correct in his or her perspective and area of expertise — but they do not take into account ALL aspects of starting your business.

NCP has done that for you. We have invested heavily in extensive research and systems to give you the best-of-the-best to help you put all the pieces in place to start your business, the structure and foundation, everything from selecting the correct entity, building business credit to lowering your taxes and keeping the IRS off your back!

Now it’s your choice: Focus 90% of your time on your product or service and acquiring new clients…or spend countless hours online, researching for yourself and only uncovering a fraction of what you need to know. (No wonder so many run out of cash within the first 3-6 months!)

You will become part of the NCP community where you will be provided access to tools and support to grow your business. It’s imperative that we help you avoid most of the costly mistakes that we see business owners make daily when they incorporate and start their business.

Here is the bottom line: If you want to get off to a Fast Start to Profits™, with less risk and as efficiently as possible, where do you turn? The Answer: Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.

When you call our offices we will take you through our system to help you establish the best foundation for your situation.  We incorporate in all 50 states and are open to all structures, and what is most important is which one is best for your situation both short and long term. You will NOT find another company with our long-term track record that offers more benefits and services, bonuses and business-building tools, when setting up your new business – than NCP! You may find many that will give you  part of the foundation, but not the complete foundation. Starting your business with only a part of the foundation is most likely to lead to financial disaster.

Over 70% of our clients renew on an annual basis with NCP. That means they are beating the odds, and we would like  the opportunity for you to be part of our winning community.

Make it easy on yourself – team up with the most efficient entity formation/business support partners in the world. Simply take a look at the comparison chart on the opposite page. Just a glance should remove any doubt in your mind…

Give us a call today at 1-888-627-7007 or 1-702-367-7373 if you are outside the U.S.. You’ll be very glad you did.

Dedicated to your success,

Scott Letourneau, CEO