Step 3: Fast Start Business Foundational Services to Invest in


Help Your Business Get Off to a Fast Start to Profits!

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What is the Key to Get Your Business Off to a Fast Start?

A Strong Foundation!

As you know 80-95% of business owners fail within five years and only 50% make it past year one. The number one reason for business failure is lack of cash flow. There are many reasons for this including, marketing, sales and capitalization….One big reason is the lack of the proper financial system to keep track of your business.

Next, You Must Have a Source of Cash and Capital to Grow Your Business. Why?

First, Let’s Review the Two Main Steps for Your Business:

Step 1: Incorporate (you have done that): You operate your business as a separate legal entity, thereby protecting your personal assets from your business liabilities (this assumes you operate your entity property); additional recommendation-Incorporate in Nevada first.

Step 2: Separate your BUSINESS and PERSONAL CREDIT: Why this is a problem: 95% of businesses fail due to lack of capital (cash flow), the end result is they go out of business. If the business owner personally guaranteed many of their vendor contracts the individual is PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY LIABLE! Result: You potentially will lose most of your personal assets (the very problem you were looking to avoid by incorporating)! Yes, you avoid legal liability but you are still financially liable! Benefit: By separating your business and personal credit you obtain the following benefits:

  • Improve cash flow by obtaining terms with vendors (even with a brand new business)
  • Increase your trade credit lines faster thereby conserving your cash.
  • Avoid many personal guarantees.
  • Protecting your personal credit score.
  • Develop a separate credit profile for your business so it will stand on its own!
  • Helping your business to secure access to cash and capital!

Introducing the Best Program to Separate Your Business and Personal Credit and Give Your Business the Cash “Life” it Needs

The Ultimate Business Credit Builder System™! This system is a MUST to separate your personal and business credit, and to provide the additional cash flow to grow your business in the future! Plus many before they decide to do business with your company will check you out at D & B or Corporate Experian®!

Building business credit properly is a step-by-step process. It requires specific information and correctly-implemented procedures to establish a sound business credit profile which will separate your personal and business credit. Business Credit Builder is designed to provide you with the ability to obtain trade or business credit without the use of a personal credit check or guarantee.

Each step of this process is done legally, ethically and with a high degree of integrity. The Business Credit Builder™ Program has been used by thousands of business owners from every state in the nation.

Here is a sample of a few of the powerful tools that are part of the Ultimate Business Credit Builder System. Call NCP at 1-888-627-7007 for current fees and more details.

Avoid the #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make in Running Their Business….

…The Worst Approach is Using Your Online Banking Account Balance as Your Primary Measuring and Decision Making Tool for Your Business.

You Must have a GPS System to Give You Feedback on the Success of Your Business from Month One!

Introducing the Best Program to Help Keep the IRS Off Your Back and Give You the Financial Feedback to Operate Your Business…

Even with Our Powerful Tax and Bookkeeping System, it is Your Responsibility to Document the Business Expenses Properly and Bullet Proof
Your Records from an IRS Audit!

Now the Solution…

Sandy Botkin’s Tax System! This powerful tax program is designed to help you maximize your meals, travel and entertainment expenses (even if you have a CPA) and Help Keep the IRS Off Your Back!

Did you know that recently the IRS discovered a $300 Billion Tax Gap each year! That means $300 Billion is not being paid in taxes and 70% of that comes from small business owners just like you! The IRS is increasing audits and a company just like yours could be a target! The good news is we have a solution that will help protect you that typically your CPA is not doing for you!

Do you know the #1 belief by most tax payers that makes the IRS more money each year?

“my accountant takes care of my taxes”! This would be equivalent to “My doctor takes care of my health”.

Can you imagine being able to eat all the junk food you wanted, drink all the booze, smoke cigs all day and go to a doctor annually and get some router rooter job and it puts you back into perfect health?

That does not happen, and in the same way the doctor does not take care of your health, the accountant typically does not take care of your taxes because they are reacting to information you provide them AFTER your tax year is over!

  • This was quoted by a famous tax attorney/CPA-Sandy Botkin!
  • Why? The challenge is that most CPAs, not all, do not support you throughout the year with input on how to maximize your business expenses. Typically, you only hear from them when you go to see them at tax time and they make a few suggestions and you pay the taxes!
  • What makes Sandy Botkin different from almost every other CPA/tax attorney is that, he was 1 of 8 appointed to the chief audit council of IRS 16 yrs ago.

à In that position he trained IRS agents to maximize $ from audits against sole props, S corps, C corps and LLCs!

à The main way he accomplished this for the IRS was that he developed the diary for the IRS that is used in audits.

Now all Sandy does is lectures to CPAs, attorneys, and business owners on how to maximize travel, entertainment, meal expenses and how to make their records bullet proof from IRS audit!!

He does NOT do tax returns! He only does research on this subject and helps clients throughout the U.S. maximize their expenses. In fact, the average participant in his training course increased their deductions by over $18,500 AFTER going to their CPA! All backed by the IRS code!

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