Step 6: Fast Start to Joint Ventures!

Rest assured, when you choose NCP for your entity formation, you’re putting yourself in the hands of a full service company that cares about the entire you—personally and business-wise!
All of us at Nevada Corporate Planners are looking forward to the opportunity to help add even more value to your business, your clients, and your associates!
I’m sure we all agree that we operate in an extremely competitive marketplace. As a business owner, I know that like us, you’re constantly searching for the edge that will separate you from your competition.
That doesn’t mean that you must endlessly recreate the wheel.  It does mean that you need a value-enhanced strategy that optimizes and preserves your past efforts, while moving you forward to the next level.
Go to and hear an audio overview by our CEO, Scott Letourneau, on two programs (teleseminars/webinars) that can be used to help your business grow!!!
That means that the lifetime value of your client is a paramount consideration in your business’ strategy.  Properly guided, your investment in obtaining that client can and should compound over the time they remain with you — the longer they continue as your client, the more valuable the relationship.
But how do you constantly come up with new, innovative ways to secure their loyalty without straining your time, effort and resources — and at the same time, continuously secure new clients?

What Are The Best, Lowest Cost Ways To
Grow Your Business Today?

Here’s the good news:  You need not “go it alone.”
One of the best ways to strengthen your competitive advantage with as little cost, effort, downside or risk as possible is through strategic alliances with other companies.
By leveraging the power of their assets… their experience… their resources… you add enormous value to your own offering.  You’ll not only maximize your existing clients’ lifetime value, but you’ll multiply your new clients as well.
We’d like to join you in a compounding strategy that makes you virtually invincible.

How NCP Will Help You Attract Clients By The Boat Load, Leaving
Your Competition in The Dust!

Here’s how NCP can help you, your clients, and the businesses you work with:
You will benefit from our turnkey method focused on building strategic alliances, strengthening the positions of each associated company.
You will receive e-mails, sales letters, strategy, free reports… We’ll also show you the BEST ideas to maximize your results… and resources!
Our tactics and strategies are not only focused on helping you (and in turn, adding more value for your clients), but as you introduce more businesses to NCP’s business-building, turnkey method, you’ll create your own “member network” and receive a referral fee.
That’s 100% all profit for you — No COGS with referral or affiliate fees. PURE PROFIT!
Marketing Ideas on How to Add More Value to Your Business:
We could do a teleseminar or webinar where you interview me, Scott Letourneau (go to to read more about our company and CEO) and we extend a special offer.
I’ll present valuable information on these provocative subjects:
How to help your members incorporate their business and keep the IRS off their backs!
How to develop business credit and get more cash for your business (this is one of the hottest subjects in the country). The number one reason business owners fail is lack of cash flow. It is harder than ever for business owners to obtain cash. The good news is we can do a powerful teleseminar or webinar for your group to help solve this problem! Imagine your members having access to more capital to be in a better position to purchase more of your products and services!
I have a free 96-page report, “The Insider’s Guide to Incorporating Your Business and Protecting Your Assets,” that could be sent as a bonus to any of your members, or to those that log onto the teleseminar or webinar.
I have another free report on “The 20 Costly Mistakes Made Before And After Forming A Corporation Or LLC”.
We could add a Teleseminar or Webinar to your clients as a bonus to one of your current programs which could be recorded, archived and replayed in the future, perhaps in your office for future members to view.
ü And, we are open to any of your ideas.
*  For example, NCP has a new program for both personal and business credit that accelerates both. This concise program helps business owners get access to more money for their business, allowing them to invest more in products or services that can jump-start a whole new level of success.

There Is NO COST To Your Company!

Remember, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.  We’ve designed provocative, result-grabbing e-mails, sales letters, strategies and free reports… we’ve orchestrated success-proven webinars and teleseminars.  And it’s all set to go, waiting for YOU to reap the benefits.

This Is A TURN-KEY Program That Will Take
Less Than 30 Minutes To Implement!
Best of all, when you introduce another company to us that becomes part of our business-boosting program, you receive:
• Referral fee back to your organization!
• 10% referral fee on any service sold to your membership.
• 25% affiliate free on our new business credit program!
Let me know what the next step will be in your process. I am looking forward to working with you on this project!
Step 7: Visit our Fast Start Blogs and Leave Your Comments: and plus receive access to many powerful, FREE strategies to protect and grow your business!

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