South Dakota vs Wayfair Supreme Court Decision-What You Need to Know…


As we predicted sales tax compliance is not going away.

The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 on June 21st, to overturn the 1992 Quill Case that required physical nexus (FBA inventory for example) before you had to collect and remit sales tax.

This Supreme Court decision allows the states to collect sales taxes from MOST (not all) online retailers, not just Amazon FBA sellers.

The big reason is that states are losing a fortune in sales tax revenues and both sellers and consumers (with use tax) have been avoiding them! FBA Seller Use

Here is a link to the U.S. Supreme Court Case:

What does this mean to you (if you sell on Amazon FBA)?

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Behind on Sales Tax as an FBA Seller?


If you have been selling on Amazon FBA and only collecting and remitting sales tax in your home state or not, all you are behind.

Every Day that Goes by WITHOUT being in Sales Tax Compliance, you are Paying Sales Tax + Interest + Penalties out of YOUR OWN Pocket.

This may be as much as 8% sales tax, 10% interest, and 30% penalties or 10% out of every sale you are losing, that is NOT necessary. FBA Seller Use

In order to Get Back on Track and In Compliance with Sales Tax You MUST Figure Out the Following:

  • Where do you have Sales Tax Nexus (which FBA States)
  • How do you Track When you Inventory Moves Around?
  • Obtain Sales Tax Permits Properly, avoid costly mistakes in states like California, Kentucky, and Washington…
  • How do you pay back sales taxes, interest, and penalties OR not?
  • How do you waive penalties and what will that cost?
  • How do you get professional SALT support if your CPA is not clear?
  • Should you form a new entity first or get sales tax numbers as a sole proprietorship then move forward?
  • What is the start date on your application for sales tax permits?
  • What does this trigger?
  • What estimate sales tax amounts do you use in each state?
  • What is remitting service the best overall?
  • How do you properly update your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Settings to not Under over OVER collect?
  • How do you handle selling on Multiple Channels and Sales Tax?
  • If you are outside the US what is different with the rules?
  • Why do you need a US bank account to help Remit Sales Tax?
  • What Other Risks may you take on for not doing this correctly?

As you see there is a lot involved to get you on track moving forward.  The best news is that covers all these areas in the membership area so you can then focus on your marketing and sales!

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How to Establish a U.S. Company & Bank Account (without coming to the U.S.)


In the past you have contacted us about forming a U.S. company. Perhaps that was to open a U.S. merchant account, invest in U.S. tax liens or deeds, or perhaps you are selling on Amazon FBA to the MASSIVE $183 BILLION spent by U.S. consumers online this year.


If you still have a need or if you have already forming a U.S. company (and want to know if things were established properly) I have a brand new free report that will walk you through all the steps to PROPERLY form a U.S. company AND bank account (which is very difficult as you probably know …and a real bank account).

Go ahead and grab my BRAND NEW REPORT (it’s free and you will have immediate access to the download).

How to Establish a U.S. Company & Bank Account (without having to travel to the U.S.)

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After you download this free report today you will learn how to establish a COMPLETE U.S. Company & U.S. Bank Account quickly. This information-packed 17 page report tells you everything you need to know to launch your U.S. business with confidence.

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