The Business Master Checklist to Review Before You Ever Start Another Business


Before you establish a new business you must review our master business checklist to help you determine, if a new business, or entity is necessary.

You have one business up and running with some success. You are considering starting another business and dividing your focus.

Perhaps you do not want to put all your “business eggs” in one basket. What if one business slows down and the other one picks up? As you know, the worst number in business is one – one vendor, one client, one affiliate, one bank account. Does that mean one business? Not necessarily.

Your Business Master Checklist Before Starting a New Business

Your Business Master Checklist Before Starting a New Business

First, what are your reasons for starting another business? Here is a the start of the business master checklist. Let’s consider them carefully:

  1. The first business is not working.
  2. You found a new product in another niche that should bring in more revenue.
  3. You want to diversify into another niche.
  4. You see an opportunity in your current niche and starting a new business (more so a new company) to service the opportunity in that niche.
  5. Your business partner was lame, and you started a new company and a new business, perhaps in a similar niche, to move on.

The first one is fairly obvious as to the concerns; yet, many fall into this trap.

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2012 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp


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Armand Morin on Joint Ventures


As Much of the world knows, I’m an Advocate for the small business world. In January 2012, 1/27/12 – 1/29/12 I will be holding The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp.

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Joint Venture Blue Print WEBINAR-Live…


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• The Joint Venture Partner Checklist …Avoid Wasting
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• How to Protect Yourself and Business when Conducting
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Why Master Joint Ventures?


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