Do I Need An Attorney To Incorporate?


An attorney is not a legal requirement to incorporate. You could prepare and file the articles of incorporation yourself.  But, you must fully understand all the requirements of your intended state of formation.  That’s what NCP is here for.  We make sure you know everything you need to know, and give you the tools to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do. NCP does not require a retainer before you get started. You will receive all the fees up front so you know exactly what you be charged! Costs are not out of control with NCP!

In fact, when people hire an attorney to incorporate, the attorney often actually outsources the work to a company like NCP (and then tacks on a $1,000 fee for his trouble!)  Working directly with NCP is like buying wholesale instead of retail.  This will save you money up front.

You can use NCP’s service to incorporate and not only save money on attorney fees, but you’ll rest assured that all forms are filed properly. We recognize that there are areas where an attorney should be retained, especially when it comes to shareholder and buy/sell agreements, raising money, contracts, or to have your documents reviewed.  However, NCP will conscientiously inform you any time an attorney should be consulted. If you need a referral, NCP is happy to provide one for you! Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-877-515-0505 and

receive a Bonus GUIDE, a $47 value, The Top 20 Costly Mistakes BEFORE And AFTER Incorporating! and a 30 minute free consultation, a $200 value plus a special one time offer after you call!

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Why Incorporate?


First, let’s look at the basic question at hand:  Why bother with incorporation at all?

If you’re like many small business owners, right now you’re operating as a sole proprietorship. That’s probably not because you’ve chosen to, but because you don’t consider your business large or sophisticated enough to need to incorporate – or maybe you’ve never thought about it at all.

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to pay the price for putting off that crucial next step… but that’s a very dangerous “if.”

Sole Proprietors Are Rolling the Dice

In today’s ultra-competitive and dangerously litigious business climate, you can’t afford to throw the dice with your most valuable asset.  Your exposure is far greater than you may think, both personally and professionally.  As a sole proprietor, regardless of the size of your business, you personally have unlimited liability if your company is sued.  You could actually lose all of your personal assets. Call within 72 hours of downloading this free guide at 1-877-515-0505 and

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Step 6: Fast Start to Joint Ventures!


Rest assured, when you choose NCP for your entity formation, you’re putting yourself in the hands of a full service company that cares about the entire you—personally and business-wise!

All of us at Nevada Corporate Planners are looking forward to the opportunity to help add even more value to your business, your clients, and your associates!

I’m sure we all agree that we operate in an extremely competitive marketplace. As a business owner, I know that like us, you’re constantly searching for the edge that will separate you from your competition.

That doesn’t mean that you must endlessly recreate the wheel.  It does mean that you need a value-enhanced strategy that optimizes and preserves your past efforts, while moving you forward to the next level.
Go to and hear an audio overview by our CEO, Scott Letourneau, on two programs (teleseminars/webinars) that can be used to help your business grow!!!

That means that the lifetime value of your client is a paramount consideration in your business’ strategy.  Properly guided, your investment in obtaining that client can and should compound over the time they remain with you — the longer they continue as your client, the more valuable the relationship.

But how do you constantly come up with new, innovative ways to secure their loyalty without straining your time, effort and resources — and at the same time, continuously secure new clients?

What Are The Best, Lowest Cost Ways To
Grow Your Business Today?

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Step 3: Fast Start Business Foundational Services to Invest in


Help Your Business Get Off to a Fast Start to Profits!

(Call NCP at 1-702-367-7373 for current fees for each service)

What is the Key to Get Your Business Off to a Fast Start?

A Strong Foundation!

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Step 2: Fast Start Support Tools to Help Your Business Get Off to a Fast Start to Profits and Stay Ahead of Your Competition!


Fast Start to Incorporate Your Business Webinar! As part of your package from NCP you will receive access to our Fast Start Incorporate Your Business Webinar! This is important even if you have already incorporated!  I will walk you through the process, from starting your business and the transition to operating as a separate legal entity! You will receive a separate e-mail with the date and time for this monthly webinar.

You will discover the steps to get your new LLC/Corp off to a fast start to profits! You will learn the following:

  • Tips on Capitalizing your new LLC/Corp!
  • How to transition from a sole proprietorship to an LLC/Corp!
  • How to issue the membership interest of the LLC/Corp!
  • How and when to pay yourself!
  • End of the year tax planning tips!
  • How to run your business separate from your personal life!
  • Tips on maximizing your business expenses!
  • These are live webinars (you must be on live to gain access).
  • Plus other strategies!

Fast Start Teleseminar Invitations throughout the Year!

Here are a few samples of recent teleseminars (as a Top 5% Member, you will receive access to ALL of these previous teleseminars):

  • Michael GerberAwaken the Entrepreneur Within!
  • Alexander Van Buren-Make a Quantum Leap!
  • Spike Humer-Strategies to Grow!
  • A River of Traffic-The A9 Process!
  • Business Credit Strategies!
  • Stephen Wilkinghoff-Triple Overlap of Profits, ROI and Cash Flow!
  • Stephen Pierce-Massive Internet Traffic!
  • Breaking the Pattern of Overwhelm and Confusion (one of our most popular teleseminars ever!)

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