Corporate and LLC Formalities Made Simple


From: Scott Letourneau

Re: December 13th, my interview with Attorney Sherwood Cook. Mr. Cook
is a shareholder with Durham Jones & Pinegar in the firm’s Corporate
and Securities Section.

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Corporate and LLC formalities are a key part of the foundation of
your entities success, both from a legal and tax perspective. Yet, it
is one of the most overlooked fundamentals to protect your business
and personal assets.

I’ve have invited a real expert, Attorney Sherwood Cook, to help you
simplify what  YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES are when it comes to corporate
and LLC formalities.

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December 13th at 4 pm PST


You have been personally invited to attend a preview
of one of our powerful monthly teleseminars to grow your business.

This is part of our Top 5% Club membership, where our goal is to help
your company beat the odds and be a part of the 5% that succeed in
business after 5 years!

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