Learn How to Negotiate with Any Business Creditor with Jerry Silberman, CEO and Founder of Corporate Turnaround


Does Your Business Need a Financial Rescue? Are you debt-ridden and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

What if you could learn the steps to restructuring your business debt to give your business more cash flow and breathing room? Would that help you stay in business (or your clients) and on your way to success?

GREAT NEWS! Recently, I interviewed Jerry Silberman, CEO and Founder of Corporate Turnaround, the pioneer in the debt
restructuring industry and I want to give you that interview FREE to help your small business (or your clients who are small business owners).

Access the powerful MP3 on how to negotiate with business creditors and save your business (or one of your clients):

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Separately, You may call Corporate Turnaround directly at 1-800-588-1330 or go to www.BusinessDefender.com. Ask them for their free report: “How to Pay Business Debts You Can’t Afford.”

Jerry is considered THE PRE-EMINENT AUTHORITY in helping small business owners emerge from overwhelming debt to operating within their means and a budget that will work for the business. He has co-authored “Small Business Survival Book”, which has been endorsed by Steve Forbes.

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