Why Do You Keep Making The Same Mistakes?


There is a recipe for success and one for failure. Which one are you following? Perhaps in some areas, you are following a recipe for success and others a recipe for failure. Why is that? I am no different. There are some areas that over the years I seem to make the same or similar mistakes and in others areas, I learn quickly and move on to a successful track.

For example, grammar and editing are not my strong suits. In my efforts to get more content out, many times the attitude that “good is good enough” with blog posts may not work, because of typos…I know that is bad, but that is a similar pattern that has to stop. It is not good for the personal brand. I have a great staff that will edit most of what we do, but sometimes I rush through and post things without having a second set of eye’s to look at it first.

Hiring is a big one where similar pattern that seems to rear its ugly head. The theme in hiring is to hire SLOW and fire FAST. If you wait until the last minute to hire someone, many times you end up in a rush and hiring the “cream of the crap” vs. the “cream of the crop”. You take the most competent person out of the three available and actually you should NOT have hired any of the three. I am getting better at this one.

What areas do you find where you are making similar or same mistakes in your business? Is it one of the following:

  • Hiring the wrong person
  • Forgetting to measure the performance of yourself and your staff?
  • Not having specific measurable goals?
  • Not having an offline sales process with scripts.
  • Lack of copywriting skills.
  • Graphics and branding look bad. You know what a great website looks like. Does yours look the
    same or not?
  • Hoping the next magic software will do all your sales for you.
  • No financing for your business.
  •  Forgetting to track the numbers of the business and just operating based on your online checking
    account balance.
  • No measurement of your customer service.
  • Forgetting to check out your competition…

And the list could go on and on. The big question is, like me, you probably could tell someone else exactly what they are supposed to do to be successful in any area: business, relationships, losing weight…Why can’t we take our own advice? I am not saying that you do not take any of your own advice. Perhaps 85% of what you do is like clockwork; it just seems that the other 15% is the difference between big success and just barely making it.

Here are a few ideas for solving this challenge and minimizing mistakes (Yes, I am going to take my own advice):

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