SEO, Mobile, Google & Digital Marketing In 2013 with Sara Mannix


In a recent interview with Sara Mannix, CEO of Mannix Marketing, we had a chance to sit down and ask critical questions about what changes lay ahead in 2013 for succeeding online.  You may access the complete interview below.

Here are the critically important digital strategies covered on this important training:

• How has web site design strategy changed recently with the increased use of mobile devices?

• In relation to website design, discover what Sara is recommending for their clients for 2013 (called the Starbucks Strategy) and what changes you should be considering?

• What is conversion rate optimization and is it critical for your online success?

• Where SEO is going in 2013 and what changes do you need to make today in your strategy?

• What is author rank and why is that important? What simple tips should you be taking to improve your author rank?

• What is Panda /Penguin and why is that important?

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