How to Create a 7 Figure Business


I’ll keep this short because I know you super busy, but this is very important …

My very good friend Michael Price is offering a NO cost webinar Thursday May 26th at 4 pm PDT that shares how he created a 7 figure business and how you can apply what is working for him in your own business.

The best part is he works from home (I’ve been to his house)
and he quits work at 5pm…wouldn’t that be ideal!
Check out all the details and what he will be sharing
with you by going to register at the link below:


Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Fast Start to Profits™!

P.S. Regardless of what type of business you are in, you will learn
some key ways to make more money (especially with current technology). The free webinar can only hold
so many people so make sure you Register Now at:

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Michael Price-2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp in Las Vegas


Attend the 2011 Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp in Las Vegas. Go to:

Michael Price will teach you the following powerful strategies to help you Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™

  • How to leverage the power of referrals in your business and the hidden secret that most are not doing effectively both on and offline!
  • The best sequence of events and approach to dramatically leverage technology to achieve your goals. Not having the correct sequence is like baking a cake and putting the yeast in after the cake comes out of oven.

Most of you are doing that with your business today, therefore the results or lack of them, speak for themselves. Solve that on January 28th, 2011!

  • You have heard that customers buy more often. That is not true. Happy and nurtured customers buy more often, but in today’s fast paced world you must know the best approach to stay in touch!
  • Perhaps you are losing customers in today’s economy, but my guess is your competition may be dropping like flies.

You will learn how to dramatically take advantage of the opportunity to separate your business product or service and instantly and systematically grow in this business environment!

  • Let’s be honest, measurement is time consuming for any small business owner, especially when survival is key.
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Leverage the Proper Technology with Joint Ventures


The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp-Training Call with Author and Technology expert, Michael Price!

Recently, I interviewed Michael Price, the CEO of Priceless Possibilities and now you have access to the
rebroadcast FREE for a limited time.

Click here and register and receive immediate access to this
recorded training call:

Most do not leverage joint ventures and other’s relationships effectively because they FAIL miserably as having a the proper technology to do the heavy lifting and simplify the process.

A major key to success is how to simply tie technology into your joint venture systems and put it on autopilot that generates profits while your sleep.

Technology can be complicated, confusing…until now and you can learn from the best….

Featured Faculty Member: Michael Price, President of Priceless Possibilities. Michael is a
Former Trainer for Robbins Research International (Tony Robbins company), a 2001
MLMIA Trainer of the Year, Speaker for technology for 4 years at the MLMIA ,
Speaker for technology for 2 years at the Direct Sales Journal, Sales Rep of the
Year for a Fortune 100 company and a best selling Author!

Michael will reveal THE FASTEST ways to grow your business and how to incorporate the correct technology to make it automatic and effective (that means profits to your business)

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