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How to Never Lose Your Drive!

Are there times you simply do not feel like working? Perhaps a week goes by without a lot of action. Perhaps you may even feel a little frustrated or stressed and ready to quit. That is not ideal. What would be better? How about a simple and easy way to feel excited about your future all the time? Can you really turn this on at will or is it a random event?
I am here to tell you that you are in charge and you can control your drive! First, you must develop a COMPELLING FUTURE! This is very different than just goal setting. Many people have uninspiring goals. That is one big reason they lack the energy to make it happen on a daily basis. A compelling future is one that when you focus on it, there is a sense of drive, motivation and urgency to accomplish for the future!  You feel juiced in the morning (not drug type juiced) and you look forward to the day, even if you have not had results recently.
If you do not feel driven and excited about your business and your life, here are a few suggestions:
1 – Change a few sub modalities (a sub modality is a subcategory of modalities like auditory, visual or kinesthetic. You probably have heard some teach that one person is more visual while another is more auditory.
An example of a sub modality for visual is brightness, color, size …all these sub modalities will change the way you may feel about your future. If you future is fuzzy, dim or dark looking, bring your future into focus and make it big and colorful and see how differently it feels. How much more inspiring is that future vs. one that is fuzzy,  dim or dark?
2 – Are your goals too far into the future and not compelling? Perhaps for you, five years out will not be doing anything, but 90 days out would! Notice as you bring your future vision closer how  that makes you feel!
3 – Program in daily self talk. That means a language pattern that may sound like this. “Every day I wake up refreshed, and excited to make the most of each day! I automatically do the most important things to grow my business the fastest and bring the most profit to my bottom line. Plus I find more and more time with my family and friends…”
The key is to put this in the present-tense and know the outcome is controlled by you!
Still challenged?
Do an ecology check. Ask yourself this question:
Will anyone get harmed by me achieving this goal?
Sometimes the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is that we believe it will harm another person.
Sound crazy? Do you know how many people sabotage their own success because they know their friend, or family member will be jealous if they succeed? They may not say it that way, it will sound more like, why are you working so hard on that new business, you deserve a break, come to the bar with me today and relax or why do you believe in that positive law of attraction crap anyway, that doesn’t work.
Here is what is really happening. Your “friend” is not willing to go to the level you want in life. They will attempt to pull you down into their negative world. They do this because they are fearful of losing the connection they have with you.
But it is at a subconscious level. The key for you is to realize that in order for you to make the biggest impact with yourself you must start with yourself. The first base-man doesn’t help the team by worrying about what the second baseman is doing.

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