Simple vs. Complex Solutions


What will help take your business to the next level? Perhaps the next level isn’t even a goal, perhaps getting started with revenue is your goal. In this economy I see so many small business owners looking for “magic dust” to solve their revenue or business challenges. This is, of course, fantasy land.

One school of thought focuses on the brutal harsh reality that being successful requires complex solutions.

You want to hold your own seminar because you were at one recently and there were 150 people in the room and you saw all the sales in the back of the room and you thought, “Wow, at least 50 people invested in programs to improve their business and the average price was $2K, which means that event generated over $100K in sales plus ticket sales! That was simple, I can do that.”

What no one tells you is that to get 150 people to show up at an event (especially in this economy) it can take a 75-150 step process, with everything from emails, to postcards, sales letters, marketing pieces, preview calls, training calls, affiliate efforts, etc. It is a very complex process. Unfortunately, most things work the same way; an effective website that drives traffic and converts to leads then sales is a whole lot easier said than done.

In the search for solutions for your business challenges, first, realize that each step required to be a success may involve complex solutions. Nothing wrong with that (other than the hard work and time involved) and when you realize that and become consistent and frequent in the steps you do to create more business, you will be a huge success!

As I’ve mentioned before, Dan Kennedy has said, the reason 99% of the people are poor and 1% are rich is that the 99% that are poor want to buy simple solutions to complex problems. The 1% that are rich, realize that complex problems require complex solutions BUT when selling make sure you offer simple solutions to complex problems. Because that is what people want to buy! They want simple.

Any tools that you invest in to improve your business (some software programs are exceptions) will require a lot more work, time and probably expenses involved then what you are being told on the front end. We would prefer to work with those that realize at one level or another that it really is complex solutions involved.

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