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Steps to Schedule a Call with Scott Letourneau

Thanks for coming to my website today. If you need support with your important questions about entity formation, sales tax compliance, funding, or other business resources, here are my options below.

1. Free Evaluation and Recommendation Call with Scott’s Team:

Our first option is a scheduled free call. This is best for us to understand your situation and make the best recommendation for you.

That may include questions about our services, process, and pricing, including entities, sales tax permits, virtual address service…If you do, this free evaluation and recommendation call are perfect for addressing those questions.

You may have also had questions that fall into our second call, which is a paid strategy session below, and if you have those during our free call we will let you know.

If you would like to schedule a free evaluation and recommendation call go to this link below to schedule an appointment on my calendar. We know it is a free call if you do not pay, but it is the same calendar we use when you also pay for a strategy.

Go to this link to schedule a free evaluation and recommendation call with Scott’s Team.

2. Paid Strategy Call with Scott:

Our second option is a paid strategy session where we answer specific strategy questions, which may include questions similar to how do I know which states I need to register to collect and remit sales tax, how do I register without an ITIN, which U.S. LLC type is best for my situation… These fall into strategy questions vs. questions about our services.

My background is in business finance. I have invested over $250K+ since 1997, with different tax and legal professionals, events (from marketing, sales, e-commerce, taxation, business growth…) along with continued education training. You will benefit from the millions of dollars our clients have collected invested over the years with their professionals and shared their input on our strategy calls.

In the end, with all this experience, in multiple situations, I can to quickly understand your situation and give you plan A, B, or C that may work best for you.

More Details on Strategy Questions that are Common:

If you are an international seller on Amazon.com FBA, there are many factors to consider in the U.S. with both federal income tax and sales tax. Our concern for you is if you do not get all these elements answered correctly and in the right sequence, the potential audits may be devastating to your U.S. Amazon business years down the road.

The good news is we can share the correct order of all these elements to help you avoid the severe problems that have derailed other Amazon FBA sellers.

Here is a summary of the key elements that will be covered during your 30 or 45-minute strategy session:

  • U.S. Tax responsibilities based upon how you have set up your Amazon business.
  • U.S. tax returns. Are you current? And if not, what do you need to do to avoid a big audit (typically a three-year lag time).
  • Even if a tax treaty exists with your country, what is still required? (one client received an IRS tax big for over $292K because they did not file the correct U.S. tax return).
  • Sales tax responsibilities as a foreign seller and the misconceptions that cost Amazon sellers a fortune. (has nothing to do with pending federal sales tax legislation).
  • Behind on sales tax? What are the big issues to avoid that may jack up your penalties to as much as 100% when you attempt to get into sales tax compliance?
  • Looking to skip U.S. sales tax altogether because your tax advisor said, don’t worry about it? Discover why the states are on to you and why a sales tax audit is the most crippling of any U.S. audit.
  • How to get back on track while selling in the U.S. Should that be through a foreign entity or perhaps a U.S. entity?
  • How do you remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account, and what will that cost you?
  • Discover the cost of compliance for a real U.S. brand as an Amazon seller, as well as what you need to consider with our cash flow.

If you are in the U.S. and have wanted to have clarity on which entity type or state is best before you form an entity if you have strategy questions on ownership, which assets to go in which entity; those questions fall into a paid strategy session as well.

Imagine having clarity after 45 minutes on these issues so you have a plan for your business moving forward.

We have done all the research with many SALT (sales and local tax experts) to simplify this entire process.

We realize a high percentage of Amazon FBA sellers still have wrong information about sales tax. Many hope federal legislation will make it go away, or Amazon will collect and remit in all the states for FBA sellers. However, it is still your responsibility to apply for sales tax permits and file sales tax returns.

Those who do comply and focus on marketing and profits, not staying up late at night wondering when the sales tax or federal income tax audit will fall and destroy their business. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Take the next step to secure your U.S. Amazon FBA business. Click on the payment link below, which will take you to our thank you page and schedule your strategy session with our team:

You may book a 45-minute strategy session that includes an email summary by Scott on your action steps for $397.00, or a 30-minutes strategy session below. On the links below, you will also see what other high-level professionals say about working with Scott.

Go to this link to register for a 45-minute strategy session plus a detailed email summary of your action steps.

Go to this link to register for a 30-minute strategy session.

After you pay on the thank you page, you will have the ability to schedule an appointment. All times are 30 minutes. However, with the 45-minute package, another 15 minutes will be added.

We also recommend you send an email summary of your questions 24 hours before your scheduled call to support@launchwithconfidence.com with the subject in the email “Strategy Questions for Scott Letourneau” and in the body of the email add your name and company.

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