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Virtual Real Estate, When and How to Protect Your Domain Names.

Are you protecting one of your most valuable assets? Did you realize that if you own domain names, you own virtual real estate free and clear? Yes, when you paid $8 or so to reserve you domain name, you or your company own it free and clear!
Who should own your domain names? What is most common? Usually most entrepreneurs own their domain names either through their own name personally or their operating company. Both of those are probably a mistake, especially if your “virtual real estate” has value!
If you owned a free and clear piece of real estate, like a rental property that was worth $500,000, would you own it personally or in your operating business? Never! If you owned it personally you are exposing a very valuable asset for lawsuits! If you had it owned by the business you are unnecessarily exposing your valuable asset to lawsuits that could occur against your business. Regular real estate is a risk asset by itself. But “virtual real estate” like a domain name does not necessarily bring much risk to it. The exception is;  if you reserve a domain name and later discover that you may be violating someone’s intellectual property or a claim is made against you.
If your domain names is responsible for 60-90% of your leads to your operating business it may be a very valuable asset. For example, NCP’s website, www.nvinc.com, which we have owned since 1997, is a very valuable asset. It generates about 60% of our leads and is owned by a separate operating company and leased back to Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Many of you may want to consider forming a safe asset holding LLC to own all your domain names and lease them back to your operating company.  Typically it would be an LLC taxed as a partnership.
If you are just starting your business and there is no value to your “virtual real estate” other than the price you paid for your domain name, then leaving it your name or the business name may be ok short term. My preference would be to be owned by your operating company as a first step. If that is not the case, you can transfer the ownership to your operating company.
In summary, make sure you properly protect your domain names, especially as they gain value. A separate legal entity may make sense for many of you. For specific questions on your situation, call NCP at 1-888-627-7007!

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Check out the #1 marketing strategy to grow your business today at www.TheUltimateJointVentureBootCamp.com!

Master the Ultimate Form of Leverage! Joint Ventures – The One Skill You MUST have to Recession Proof and Grow Your Business!

Join me and my team of trainers and coaches for three business life-changing days in Las Vegas as we mentor you in the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business. Yet one that 99% of stressed, struggling entrepreneurs do not use effectively, if at all.

Daunting economic challenges. Businesses struggling to stay afloat. This is the ideal business climate to leverage joint ventures to grow your business!
Why master joint ventures? Joint ventures are the ultimate form of leverage. You have all heard that one key to success is to leverage “OPM” (other people’s money). That, combined with the two other “O’s” — OPR (other people’s resources) and OPC (other people’s customers) — propels the awesome financial power of joint ventures.
Look at is this way: In launching a new advertising campaign to a cold market, you can spend $5,000, $10,000, and often much more in sales letter copy, crafting the offer, working the follow up sequence, split testing and realize (perhaps) a 1-3% conversion rate. That is, assuming you do everything properly.
OR, you can model a powerfully effective strategy by learning the short cut, a workable system to leverage joint ventures to grow your business.
The good news is that the time is ripe for you to Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™ for your business. The method is yours for the taking! Invest a bit of your time in this phenomenal hands-on “boot camp” event, and you can capture forever a workable, streamlined system for the most powerful marketing tool in existence today — joint ventures!
The #1 purpose of a business is not to get more customers, more leads, more visitors to your website. Those are all merely components of your true goal — to earn you profits! The more profits you realize, the more you and your family can enjoy your life, and the more value you can offer your clients.
Go to www.TheUltimateJointVentureBootCamp.com and check out the incredible line up of speakers that will share with you how to leverage joint ventures to grow your business to the next level!

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Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting All You Want Out of Both!

Wow! What a powerful, business changing call tonight… I have been doing this
for 12 years this one is a must to download and listen to tonight…
Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting all You Want out of Both!
My interview with David Shepherd the President of Designing Profits, Inc.!
Here are the first four of the eight steps…
1.Preparing for change
2.Doing less, making more!
3.Ideal Customers!
4.Growing roots, switching costs!
Listen to the audio below for the complete 8 steps and how to get the most out
of your own business and life!

Download the 70 minute business changing interview now:
Get his book today on Amazon!
Go to www.8steps.biz and watch powerful videos and tools to change your
Learn to…Do Less and Make More!
Here is a quick snapshot of David’s bio:
David P. Shepherd, President and CEO of Designing Profits, Inc.
David is a best selling author and for the past fifteen years has served on the
faculty of one of the nation’s leading business schools–the McCombs School of
Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He has presented to and worked
with over 5,000 small business owners and has founded and run his own small
businesses for which he raised several million dollars in venture capital.

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How to Never Lose Your Drive!

Are there times you simply do not feel like working? Perhaps a week goes by without a lot of action. Perhaps you may even feel a little frustrated or stressed and ready to quit. That is not ideal. What would be better? How about a simple and easy way to feel excited about your future all the time? Can you really turn this on at will or is it a random event?
I am here to tell you that you are in charge and you can control your drive! First, you must develop a COMPELLING FUTURE! This is very different than just goal setting. Many people have uninspiring goals. That is one big reason they lack the energy to make it happen on a daily basis. A compelling future is one that when you focus on it, there is a sense of drive, motivation and urgency to accomplish for the future!  You feel juiced in the morning (not drug type juiced) and you look forward to the day, even if you have not had results recently.
If you do not feel driven and excited about your business and your life, here are a few suggestions:
1 – Change a few sub modalities (a sub modality is a subcategory of modalities like auditory, visual or kinesthetic. You probably have heard some teach that one person is more visual while another is more auditory.
An example of a sub modality for visual is brightness, color, size …all these sub modalities will change the way you may feel about your future. If you future is fuzzy, dim or dark looking, bring your future into focus and make it big and colorful and see how differently it feels. How much more inspiring is that future vs. one that is fuzzy,  dim or dark?
2 – Are your goals too far into the future and not compelling? Perhaps for you, five years out will not be doing anything, but 90 days out would! Notice as you bring your future vision closer how  that makes you feel!
3 – Program in daily self talk. That means a language pattern that may sound like this. “Every day I wake up refreshed, and excited to make the most of each day! I automatically do the most important things to grow my business the fastest and bring the most profit to my bottom line. Plus I find more and more time with my family and friends…”
The key is to put this in the present-tense and know the outcome is controlled by you!
Still challenged?
Do an ecology check. Ask yourself this question:
Will anyone get harmed by me achieving this goal?
Sometimes the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is that we believe it will harm another person.
Sound crazy? Do you know how many people sabotage their own success because they know their friend, or family member will be jealous if they succeed? They may not say it that way, it will sound more like, why are you working so hard on that new business, you deserve a break, come to the bar with me today and relax or why do you believe in that positive law of attraction crap anyway, that doesn’t work.
Here is what is really happening. Your “friend” is not willing to go to the level you want in life. They will attempt to pull you down into their negative world. They do this because they are fearful of losing the connection they have with you.
But it is at a subconscious level. The key for you is to realize that in order for you to make the biggest impact with yourself you must start with yourself. The first base-man doesn’t help the team by worrying about what the second baseman is doing.

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The Best Financial Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Since the Great Depression!

Is it the best of times or the worst of times? There is a famous story where a shoe salesperson is looking to expand his territory for shoes. He travels to a country in Africa and sees that no one is wearing shoes. When he gets back he reports to his boss. His boss asks, is there an opportunity in Africa to sell shoes?
The sales person reports back, “Not at all, no one is wearing shoes!” The next sales person working for the competitor goes to the same country in
April and reports back his sales results. When asked by his boss to evaluate what he sees his response is totally different. He says, “This is the greatest opportunity for us to expand our business because no one is wearing our shoes. What a great market opportunity for us!”

Opportunity is a matter of perspective.
Where is your focus on the opportunity with the financial uncertainty around us? With unemployment rising and more and more looking for better financial choices this may be your greatest opportunity since the great depression! No one said it would be easy. If you are committed and focus on adding value and providing solutions, financial opportunity will come your way quickly!
You may very well be in an industry where your competition is going out of business due to the shrinking market. That is great for you! Even if your market shrinks and there are less choices, that means you have better odds as you implement ways to improve your product and service for your market place. Search for more ways to add value!

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Discover How Your Company Can Survive The Odds And Rank In The Rare 5% That Are Still In Business After Five Years!

Dear Entrepreneur,
In my ongoing efforts to deliver actionable value to you, I have invested more in comprehensive research and streamlined systems to help your business get off to a fast start than anyone else… because I want you to be one of the TOP 5% that are still in business and thriving after five years!
If your goal is to protect your assets or determine the best entity or structure for your new partnership, business, real estate opportunity… you’ve come to the right place.  Not only does NCP track cutting-edge research to give you the best information on which entity is optimal for your needs, but we have also created one of the most comprehensive networks of professional resources in the U.S. to keep you moving in the right direction.
That correctly-focused forward momentum is crucial in our challenging business world today.  As if cutthroat competition, a fluctuating marketplace, and the double-edged sword of the new global economy weren’t enough, forces threaten from outside your business as well…

According to the FBI, More than 250,000 Criminals Make their LIVING Each Year Through LAWSUITS!
Will Your Assets Be Protected?

And not only do you have to survive lawsuits, but the scrutiny of the IRS, too. Amazingly enough, in a self-audit last year the IRS determined they were $300 BILLION SHORT in tax collections — and that their biggest culprit was NOT large corporations.  They’ve decided that small business owners just like you cause most of their shortages, especially sole proprietorships.  That makes sole proprietorships that file a Schedule C tax return 300% more likely to get hit with an IRS audit versus those who do not!

The IRS Has A $300 Billion Per Year Tax Gap.
Is Your Business A Target?
Do You Have A Strategic Plan To Avoid Destructive Audits?

As you read our guide, you’ll discover why sole proprietorships are such huge IRS targets. That alone should scare off most business owners, yet over 67% of all U.S. businesses still operate as sole proprietorships. It makes terrible business sense… but then, these well-intentioned (yet naive) sole proprietors stubbornly cripple themselves even more by dramatically REDUCING their opportunity to utilize business credit.
Dedicated to Your Success,
Scott Letourneau

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