How the IRS Knows You are Operating a Hobby, Not a Business.


How the IRS Knows You are Operating a Hobby, Not a Business.

There are many business opportunities to earn an extra income or a full time income.  Many will turn to a direct sales or networking marketing opportunity.

The direct sales and networking marketing industry is a popular option for many because it allows for low overhead and the opportunity for a high income, if and only if, you run it as a business. That part is a challenge for most and many times the difference between success and failure.

Now, the key is NOT your definition of what running a business entails, but what the IRS says about it.

The IRS had a $300 BILLION tax gap and they know there are suspicious activities for which individuals will start a “business” where really it was a way where expenses that where incurred could be written off as a loss against earned income… (not a real business, just a way to justify money you would have spent anyways so now you want to turn it into a tax write off).

On the list of IRS suspicious activities include:

  • Fishing
  • Horse Racing
  • Entertaining
  • Photography
  • Direct Sales/Network Marketing

Why is direct sales/network marketing on the list? The IRS knows the pattern for this industry and why 95% are really running a hobby and not a REAL business:

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Protect Your Assets this Week-Incorporating Offer-Extended to June 4th


Due to the holiday weekend we realize that many weren’t able to access our offer that expired  Friday May 28th.  Therefore, we have extended it to this Friday, June 3rd.

Are you assets really protected in today’s uncertain financial economy?

Even if you have already formed a corporation or LLC for your main operating business is that good enough? Will that protect you?

Here is what your current or future assets are up against:

Shocking Lawsuit Facts:

1. There are nearly 80 million lawsuits filed every year!

2. Frivilous lawsuits cost the U.S. over $200 BILLION per year!

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