Do you have a High Degree of Intellectual Curiosity?


There are several patterns that are common among entrepreneurs that are financially succeeding in this current environment.

One that most people miss, the one that is not spoken about often, yet is the backbone of success, is a high degree of intellectual curiosity. I would estimate that 85% of entrepreneurs or small business owners do not have it…a leading indicator of financial failure.

My definition of a high degree of intellectual curiosity: it is the enthusiasm to ask intelligent questions consistently, especially with those who are succeeding in this economy (no matter the niche) and calibrating to that distinction and regulate what impact would that make to your business and your bottom line.

Also, this includes asking intelligent questions consistently to those who did not get the results they were expecting, especially those who had a high degree of success in the past and now have failed in this economy.

As a side note, those who were never successful, and continue to not succeed, those patterns are typically consistent. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time there; yet, being curious and asking a few questions is important, always.

That was a long definition.


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News Flash: Scott Letourneau to be Interviewed on the Jordan Goodman Money Answers Radio Show!


Join Jordan Goodman every Monday at 12 PM/PST 3 PM/EST for The Money Answers Show, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. He will provide you with a roadmap to making smart money decisions in every area of your personal finances.

July 19th he will be interviewing Scott Letourneau- The Authority on Establishing and Positioning Entrepreneurs for a Fast Start to Profits.

Scott Letourneau will speak with us about his book: “The Insiders Guide to Incorporating Your Business and Protecting Your Assets!” and will give us a few practical tips that we can utilize in our businesses to beat the odds and becomes a small business success.

Go to for full details to listen to this powerful radio interview with Jordan Goodman and Scott Letourneau on July 19th.

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Three Paths To Business Success by Self Made Billionaire Bill Bartmann Friday March 19th at 4 pm PST.


In my years in business I’ve noticed three paths
people take to become successful in business:

It’s easy to register here (it’s FREE):

The Silver-Platter Path.

This is where success is handed to you.  Mom or Dad are
extremely rich, successful, or both.  Some of these moms and
dads then give every advantage to their kids.  Maybe you got
the best education money could buy and have never really needed
anything in your life.  If you got out of college and were handed
a vice presidency at a great family firm, the odds are that
you’ll be successful in business–if you don’t screw it up.
Hey, more power to you.

The Inch-by-Inch Path.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have people who feel they must
battle and scrape their way to success.  Maybe they were told that
they don’t deserve success.  Maybe their family or friends said:
“Who do you think you are–you think you’re better than us?”
It’s almost like these people NEED to show show deep battle scars
if they succeed.  Then they can say “Hey, I paid the worst of prices
for where I got!”  I guess it’s good that they succeed, but I doubt
they’ll ever enjoy their success.

The Stepping-Stone Path.

It’s my favorite.  It’s for those of us who weren’t handed success
on a silver platter.  It’s also for those of us who are not trying
to make some statement about how many pints of blood we lost on
the way to our goals.

This is the path for people who know that success will take some work,
but we want to use every common-sense advantage we can along the way.

We’re very interested in becoming successful, but have no interest
in making success harder than it needs to be.

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Could you handle making this much in a single weekend (like an NCP client did)?


$47,239 is how much Camilla Ker (an NCP client) walked away with after the last World Internet Summit.

She was just an attendee in the audience.

How would you feel if it was you instead?

Well World Internet Summit is the only event in the world to start a new business online and give the sales to someone in the audience at the end of the event.

It’s called the internet challenge and they are running it again in Perth, Australia on February 25-28.

Will you be there? (I will be there).

Truly, will you?

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Today, January 19th, at 6 pm PST: I will reveal the A-Z Joint Venture Formula! One-Time Only in 2010!


In this Joint Venture Boot Camp Preview Teleseminar, I will give you the joint venture formula and tools you can immediately implement this week and obtain results for your business. Guaranteed!

For the last 13 years, my company, Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. has helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs get their business off to a fast start to profits. I know the odds are against you in business.

Over 95% fail within the first five years and I want to help you beat the odds. The best way is to master this powerful marketing strategy, called joint ventures (or any type of leverage with relationships to benefit each other).

The subject of joint ventures, strategic alliances and host beneficiary relationships is a passion of mine! I have worked for years and modeled the best in the world, from Jay Abraham to large corporations on how to, step by step; develop these highly leveraged relationships to bring massive profits to your business!

I will hold nothing back and give you everything I can to help you with this powerful strategy on January 19th.

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If you miss this… it can be very, very costly! Here is what you will learn and be able to immediately implement for results in your business, Tuesday night at 6 pm PST:
* What are the two most important questions you must ask to open your mind and open the flood gates to joint venture opportunities! Ask the wrong questions and you will not get the results you are looking for and will waste a lot of time and money!

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