Sales Strategies for Your Business to Survive and Prosper During a Recession!


From: Scott Letourneau
Re: September 13th Top 5% Club Interview with Mega Marketing, Inc. Founder, Vincent Zirpoli

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There are so many marketing strategies, systems and approaches to grow your business and it can be overwhelming. Whether your business is struggling to bring in revenue or your niche is prospering during these economic times, the ability to accurately measure results and determine where improvements need to be made, will stop the costly “new shinning object” syndrome that will lead to bankruptcy.

The “new shinning object” syndrome is when you jump from one new marketing strategy to the next almost on a weekly basis because nothing seems to work and you may be running out of cash quickly.

That approach never works.

You will learn the system that works, no matter what the economy is that will give you the feedback to focus on where improvements need to be made in your business to be a part of the Top 5% that succeeds after five years, vs. the 95% that fail.

Whether your business has 1 or 100 employees… even if you have been managing for 20 years — I guarantee you will have at least several invaluable “aha!” moments when I interview our special guest, Vincent Zirpoli, President of MegaMarketing, Inc.

Mr. Zirpoli has graciously agreed to share a wealth of knowledge garnered from his experience in managing a 1300-person organization and working with more than 500 companies during his prominent marketing career!

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Strategies to Preserve Your Wealth


Mark your calendar for Tuesday May 10th at 4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT. You will learn the ins and outs of advanced asset protection strategies to preserve your current and future wealth from attacks by any legal predators.

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Even if you are currently looking to build your net worth, or if you have substantial net worth in your business, equity in your home, investments in your living trust…you must learn the most up-to-date strategies to shield your assets from liability.

As you may know there are over 80 million lawsuits in the United States every year and frivolous lawsuits are said to cost the United States over $200 Billion per year…and climbing with the current economy. Even if you are internationally based and looking to grow your U.S. asset base, this call is a must.

On Tuesday, May 10th, I’ll be interviewing one of the top asset protection and estate planning attorneys, Robert Bolick, who has received some of the highest awards in Nevada, authored numerous articles on strategies to protect and preserve your wealth!

You’ll quickly discover why Mr. Bolick is the most popular and knowledgeable legal professional around, helping entrepreneurs like yourself properly structure your business, assets and estate for maximum protection.  Mr. Bolick will share with you the basic tax and legal fundamentals of LLCs, limited partnerships and advanced tools, like the Nevada Asset Protection Trust (the best “Offshore” alternative onshore)!

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The Top 7 Profit Leverage Points of a Business


Mark your calendar for next Top 5% Club Teleseminar, Tuesday, April 5th at 4 pm PST (7 PM EST) as I interview The King of Profits, Stuart Burkow—who will reveal The Top 7 Profit Leverage Points of a Business.

Stuart is co-author of Guerrilla Profits with Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing. He is a serial entrepreneur, marketing rainmaker—and a high-caliber business profits expert with over 35 years of direct, hands-on, “in-the-trenches” experience, starting his first business at just 14 years old.

He has owned, built and operated successful businesses in retail, wholesale distributing, manufacturing, publishing, marketing agency and services, direct sales and mail order… and is President of Guerrilla Profits International.

Stuart has worked directly with the legends in business training, growth, motivation, and marketing such as Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, and of course, Jay Conrad Levinson—and has joint-venture partners around the world.

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Top 5% Club Teleseminar

During the challenges we face in our economy, you must learn and master the key Profit Leverage Points in your business—to secure your financial future for you and your family!

On April 5th, these Top 7 Profit Leverage Points will be revealed to you—so you’ll have this essential and critical information to help you grow your business in any economy!

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