What Do Other’s Say About Scott Letourneau’s Speaking/Training Events:


If you’re going to be in business, you better treat it as a “business”!  I know it sounds simple, but too many people don’t take the time to set things up properly, and end up getting bitten.

Scott Letourneau and his company Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. are the experts in helping you incorporate and doing things RIGHT and is the person I look toward for advice when it comes to corporate structuring.  Scott knows his stuff…use him!”

 Todd Falcone, Network Marketing Mastery

Scott Letourneau is the leading expert in America when it comes to starting your business and knowing how to grow it.

He has helped thousands of small business owners thrive and he can help yours perform much better than you ever thought possible.”

Jordan Goodman personal finance expert

Author of Fast Profits in Hard Times and owner of Moneyanswers.com

I interviewed Scott Letourneau recently on one of my coaching calls for my lawyer marketing group. That’s a tough crowd!

Not only was Scott well prepared and well-versed, but he helped me prepare by providing relevant materials in advance and by CHECKING IN WITH ME 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE CALL to make sure I was comfortable with what he had sent over! That was amazing. He’s got a terrific low key offer to make to your members. In short, I found Scott to be ethical, effective, informative and entertaining. What else could you ask for?”

Benjamin W. Glass, III

Dear Scott, Thank you for speaking for our organization.  Your presentation was insightful, energetic and engaging. 

I can’t tell you how many times I was stunned by some of the information you gave.  My jaw literally dropped!  Your presentation, without any sales “pitchiness”, is a call to action for business owners who are serious about being successful in their business. In your presentation, our members received a college education in 45 minutes that will save them thousands of dollars or maybe even millions of dollars in the future.  One of our members who heard your presentation told me afterward that she wished she knew this before she gave her business to her children.  It would have not only saved her over half a million dollars in legal fees, but it would have saved her family from the destructive lawsuits that tore them apart.  Your information is essential for anyone running a family business.”

Thank you so much!

Gina Robison-Billups Founder/President

Moms In Business Network

“Scott Letourneau’s insight and knowledge far exceeds that of most businessmen and entity specialists.  His all-encompassing business services are an absolute must for any size business, new and old.”

Ross Arntson

The Millionaire Buzz

“I’ve worked with thousands of business owners as a CPA and now as an Attorney helping them pay less in taxes and to properly protect their estate.

Unfortunately 80% of business owners fail in the first 3 years, due to a lack of cash flow. If those 80% listened to Scott’s CD’s about how banks lend money and how to gain access to more cash, they would have been in a much better position to survive! Unfortunately, no one teaches the business owner the process on how banks lend money, except for Scott!

His system is a must!”

Joseph J. Dadich, CPA, Esq., L.L.M.

Creator ’20 Minute Emergency Estate Planning Series’ and the ‘IRA B.R.A.T.™ to ensure the pennypinching IRS doesn’t steal up to 70% of your hardearned IRA/Retirement money’

I recently interviewed Scott Letourneau on the Shared Vision Masters Teleseries and he was outstanding. If you are an entrepreneur and want to know the secrets of business financing, then by all means connect with Scott. I have recommended him to my close associated and I recommend him to you.”

Kenneth D. Foster

CEO – Shared Vision Network

Author – Ask and You Will Succeed,/p>

Scott is a high-energy dynamo!  He packs in tons of practical information in 90 minutes that would take someone years to discover on their own. Scott spoke to my tribe providing in-depth details on how to start a business with the right foundation and get on the fast path to profits.

The concrete, well-rounded information Scott shared covers tips on increasing profits, avoiding IRS audits, protect your business from potential lawsuits, how to structure your business and so much more.  Whether you’re just starting a business or already have a business, I highly recommend contacting Scott.  He’ll be sure to put you on the right path.”

-Susan Bagyura, Coach, Consultant & Author

Scott REALLY know his stuff. Not only is he experienced but he explains things that even the layman can understand. He leaves no stone unturned. Go see him to get your business on track whether you are starting up or fixing things later.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Larry Loik, Ultimate MasterMind Group, www.UltimateMastermind.biz

Kevin and Melissa Knecht share their experience working with Scott Letourneau and his team at NCP.

Learn more about Kevin and Melissa Knecht at http://www.workwithtopearners.com