The Best Financial Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Since the Great Depression!


Is it the best of times or the worst of times? There is a famous story where a shoe salesperson is looking to expand his territory for shoes. He travels to a country in Africa and sees that no one is wearing shoes. When he gets back he reports to his boss. His boss asks, is there an opportunity in Africa to sell shoes?

The sales person reports back, “Not at all, no one is wearing shoes!” The next sales person working for the competitor goes to the same country in
April and reports back his sales results. When asked by his boss to evaluate what he sees his response is totally different. He says, “This is the greatest opportunity for us to expand our business because no one is wearing our shoes. What a great market opportunity for us!”

Opportunity is a matter of perspective.
Where is your focus on the opportunity with the financial uncertainty around us? With unemployment rising and more and more looking for better financial choices this may be your greatest opportunity since the great depression! No one said it would be easy. If you are committed and focus on adding value and providing solutions, financial opportunity will come your way quickly!

You may very well be in an industry where your competition is going out of business due to the shrinking market. That is great for you! Even if your market shrinks and there are less choices, that means you have better odds as you implement ways to improve your product and service for your market place. Search for more ways to add value!

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