The Secret to Happiness!

Many have searched worldwide for the secret to happiness, yet that secret has eluded most. But I’m about to give you the magic formula! Are you ready?
Here it is, short and simple:  Find someone you know that is really happy… someone who is always up, no matter what is happening to them. Ask them this question (and pay attention to the exact wording pattern):

What has to happen in order for you to be happy?

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), this is called an “evidence procedure question.” Now listen to their answer. This will most likely be their pattern:
“Anytime, I wake up… OR I talk to my spouse… OR I talk to my kids…
OR I can work in my business… OR I make a difference for others… OR…”
The key part is the word “OR”. They have wired their brain for it to become very easy to experience the result of being or feeling happy on a daily basis. It is very easy for that person to win the game. In other words, any one of many things could happen, and the result is they feel happy!
On the other hand, what is the pattern for someone who is not happy?  Ask the same question of someone you know who is not happy, always frustrated.
What has to happen in order for you to be happy?
“It has to be a great day AND… I have to make more money than the day before, AND… I must see and talk to my kids, AND… not have any upset with my spouse, AND… have the business day go perfectly AND….”
The key here is the word, “AND”. The unhappy person has wired their brain for it to be very, very difficult to experience the result of feeling happy on a daily basis. This person will never win the game unless they turn the magic combination lock in all the right directions to get the result of feeling happy!
Which group do you fall into? Would this be the same for “What has to happen in order for you to feel successful? To feel loved? To feel supported?”
If you’re honest with yourself, this simple “brain re-wiring” could change your entire life! I hope it does!
The key is to ask better questions. What could I be happy about today? Who do I love and who loves me? How do I make it easy for me to feel happy today? Your quality of life is the quality of your questions!

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