Three Paths To Business Success by Self Made Billionaire Bill Bartmann Friday March 19th at 4 pm PST.


In my years in business I’ve noticed three paths
people take to become successful in business:

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The Silver-Platter Path.

This is where success is handed to you.  Mom or Dad are
extremely rich, successful, or both.  Some of these moms and
dads then give every advantage to their kids.  Maybe you got
the best education money could buy and have never really needed
anything in your life.  If you got out of college and were handed
a vice presidency at a great family firm, the odds are that
you’ll be successful in business–if you don’t screw it up.
Hey, more power to you.

The Inch-by-Inch Path.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have people who feel they must
battle and scrape their way to success.  Maybe they were told that
they don’t deserve success.  Maybe their family or friends said:
“Who do you think you are–you think you’re better than us?”
It’s almost like these people NEED to show show deep battle scars
if they succeed.  Then they can say “Hey, I paid the worst of prices
for where I got!”  I guess it’s good that they succeed, but I doubt
they’ll ever enjoy their success.

The Stepping-Stone Path.

It’s my favorite.  It’s for those of us who weren’t handed success
on a silver platter.  It’s also for those of us who are not trying
to make some statement about how many pints of blood we lost on
the way to our goals.

This is the path for people who know that success will take some work,
but we want to use every common-sense advantage we can along the way.

We’re very interested in becoming successful, but have no interest
in making success harder than it needs to be.

If you’re a “Silver Platter” person, then congratulations.  I can’t
help you because you’re all set.  If you are an “Inch by Incher”,
I can’t help you either:  You need to experience lots of pain on your
way to success, and I’m not into pain.

But if you’re a “Stepping Stone” kind of person, have I got some
great news for you:
I’m having an extremely unusual call
this today, at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST.

Talk about “Stepping Stones to Success”–my guest went from a broke,
alcoholic gang member to a self-made billionaire.
He became so
successful and busy that when he was offered the chance to sleep in the
Lincoln Bedroom in the White House, he turned it down!

I’ve gotten to know this man over the last few years, and something
else stands out:  He’s a nut like me for systematizing success.
He loves to develop systems that other people can follow to
duplicate his own success.

In some years, this guy made a half-million dollars PER DAY
for the ENTIRE YEAR.  Now that takes some serious systems to

He is a real “out of the box” thinker, as you’ll see on this call.

If you want some of his success mindset to rub off on you, I hope
you get on this call.  Again, it’s happening today at 4 pm PST.

If you want to get on a truly memorable call in 2010, I hope
you can make this call.  Again, it’s happening on tomorrow,
March 19th at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST.

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