Time to Get Back to Basics in Your Business


"back to basics"

Back To Basics

The days of consumers and business owners using massive credit to buy your product or service and have mild expectations…are long gone.

Coach John Wooden passed away on June 4th at the age of 99. He was one of my favorite people of all time and was one of the greatest winners and teachers ever. Imagine going undefeated for 4 years in a row at the college level and winning the championship all those years (actually 10 in all) and never talk about winning. Coach Wooden never underestimated the fundamentals. He would even teach his freshmen how to put on their socks. How do you think those hotshot freshmen felt when this guy told them how to put on socks, something they had been doing since they were 3 or 4 years old? It was a very important and overlooked fundamental. If you put your sock on crooked with a crease in it, it may develop into a blister on the basketball court and may cause you to not play. That was a key fundamental. They always practiced the basics, dribbling, passing, conditioning…he and his players MASTERED the fundamentals.

I believe in today’s world we are tempted daily to jump to the next greatest software, technique, or solution to fix our business problems, when all along if you would focus daily on the fundamentals in your business and improve them weekly, a year from now your business would not only survive—but thrive!

5 Tips to Creating More Revenue from Existing Clients

When it comes to growing your business or, many times, staying in business as the economy struggles around us, the knee-jerk reaction is to focus on bringing in more leads…but there is an easier way. The best approach would be to focus on those who you already have a relationship with: your clients or customers. As you know, it is 7 times more expensive, on average, to bring in a new client or customer vs. offering something of value to an existing client or customer.

Here is the main strategy for which there are important subsets on how to create more value from existing clients. Keep in mind, there are many steps along the way, including follow up calls, free bonuses, gifts to existing clients…that strongly help nurture the relationship along the way, which will dramatically help enhance the results of these strategies.

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